Vitamin E for Erectile Dysfunction

If you’re looking to use vitamin E for erectile vitamin-e-for-erectile-dysfunction
dysfunction, keep in mind…

Almost all E made today is extracted from
soybean oil.

And if you’ve read any of my material in the

You already know I’m not a big fan of soy.

Fortunately, a few companies have perfected
the E extraction process…

Where they can get the vitamin E out of the oil,
without leaving any soy residues.

I’ve been using one of these products myself lately,
with good success.

For example…

When I use it, I retain less water in my face…

Which is a signal that estrogen levels have come
down a bit.

On the other hand…

Earlier this year when I was using another product
I’d actually wake up with moon face…

And that bloated look is a sign of high estrogen

So in my case….

The cheap vitamin E oil was actually increasing estrogen
production while I slept.

(via aromatase, I assume)


There’s a link to the E product I’m using now at the
bottom of this article….

But any E supplement that removes soy residues will get the
job done.

Now here’s David with more….

Vitamin E for Erectile Dysfunction – Part 2:

Got problems with your erections?

Using vitamin E for erectile dysfunction might help.

Vitamin E is one of the usual suspects when it comes to helping get your wood back
on track

But there’s a bit more to it than just popping some supplements and calling it a day.

Today, we’re going to look at how Vitamin E help can help your erections as well as
the best way to use this essential nutrient.

Vitamin E Lowers Estrogen

First, vitamin E lower estrogens (we’ll get to how in a minute).

Which is great…

Because decreasing estrogen has been proven to do a lot more for your morning wood than increasing testosterone, so anything that can help with that should be on your ED short list.

Researchers from the University of Florence published a study on rabbits in The Journal of Sexual Medicine and found that estrogen causes smooth muscle markers to decrease.

Essentially, they looked at what excess estrogen did and found that when they controlled for all other factors, smooth muscles did a much poorer job of relaxing and trapping blood when E levels were high.

So higher estrogen means less wood. But it actually gets worse. Excess estrogen and phytoestrogens have been shown to lower testosterone as well.

For example, another rodent study published in Urology found that when the animals were dosed with estrogen in their corpus cavernous, they had significantly reduced total testosterone levels.

What’s more, their ability to produce NO was inhibited – the estrogen interfered with acetylcholine, nitroglycerin, and nitrergic transmission.

Basically, estrogen made it harder to get nitric oxide into cells.

Incidentally, the researchers in the first study found that increasing T solved most of the smooth muscle problems…

But since the amount you’d have take to raise testosterone to counteract the estrogen is so high, it would be much smarter to work on lowering estrogen instead.

And vitamin E is uniquely suited to lower estrogen levels… 


Because it doesn’t just reduce the estrogen already in your system, but it actually works to inhibit your body’s ability to produce it by reducing aromatase expression.

Vitamin E also acts as an estrogen receptor antagonist, meaning that it blocks the reception of estrogen in your body, further hindering it from acting on your cells.

If we’re declaring war on estrogen, it’s the difference between blowing up a tank and destroying the tank factory.

Vitamin E works in other ways too though…

Vitamin E Lowers Prolactin

Prolactin is the hormone that tells pregnant women to start producing milk.

However, it’s present in men too and, surprise surprise, it isn’t so great for your sex life.

It works to lower your sex drive as well as your testosterone levels.

And since sex is a ‘use it or lose it’ type thing, prolactin can start you on a downward spiral of involuntary celibacy.

And remember, less libido begets less sex, which begets even less libido… you get the picture.

Fortunately, vitamin E helps reduce prolactin levels in your system, quite effectively.

One study found that over 8 weeks, a daily dose of 300mg of vitamin E reduced prolactin levels by 69 percent against the control – a truly mammoth decrease.

Vitamin E for Erectile Dysfunction Dosage

So what’s the best way to get vitamin E into your body to help you fight erectile dysfunction and stay healthy?

First off, avoid the synthetic stuff, meaning any product with a dl- prefix as opposed to a d prefix.

For example, d-gamma or d-alpha = natural.  dl-gamma or dl-alpha = synthetic.

Vitamin E is made up of compounds: primarily, alpha, beta, delta, and gamma tocopherols and alpha, beta, gamma, and delta tocotrienols.

In order for vitamin E to be effective, you need all eight of the compounds.

Synthetic vitamin E is primarily made up of just one of those – dl-alpha tocopherol….

Which naturally, is not nearly as effective as a mix of all of them.

So stick to the mixed products and shoot for a dosage of 400-500 IU’s  daily.

Second, stay off vitamin E that contains soy residues. 

Soy isn’t great for you at the best of times, given the market’s overwhelming saturation with GE soy and the role it plays in our industrial agriculture.

Plus, soy has been linked to all sorts of negative male health outcomes, including:

  •  Atrophied penis
  •  Low libido
  •  Erectile dysfunction
  •  Gynecomastia
  •  Body hair loss

So make sure you use an E supplement where the soy residues have been extracted out.

To get a vitamin E product that will actually work, you want to look for one containing at least a mix of the alpha, beta, delta, and gamma tocopherols with added tocotrienols if possible.

Most vitamin companies don’t sell these compounds because alpha tocopherol is a lot cheaper than mixed tocopherol.

However, you want to take vitamin E in the same ratios that you could get from an evenly balanced diet.

Obviously, all alpha and no gamma is not balanced.

Plus, alpha tocopherol has been shown to inhibit gamma and delta tocopherol, both of which are linked to cardiovascular health and prostate cancer prevention.

And it’s not like alpha-only vitamin E will help, but to a lesser degree.

Two researchers from Johns Hopkins University found that isolated alpha tocopherol had no effect on your cardiovascular health AND gets in the way of any positive benefits derived from delta and gamma tocopherols.

So if you’re taking a synthetic or soy alpha-heavy vitamin E supplement, you might actually be damaging any gamma tocopherol you might be getting naturally from your diet.

This can accelerate oxidative damage rather than help prevent it, as well as increase your risk of prostate cancer, which gamma tocopherol is especially good at preventing.

On the flip side, when you mix all the different tocopherols together, they are far more effective and are much easier for your body to use and absorb.

Vitamin E for Erectile Dysfunction-Conclusion

Vitamin E is like so many natural remedies – it’s not going to completely cure your ED by itself overnight, but it’s an important part of the conversation.

To recap, vitamin E:

  • Lowers your estrogen. This is vital because high E torches erections
  • Reduces your prolactin. And the lower your prolactin, the better your sex life is going to be.

Finally, when you’re looking for a vitamin E product, make sure you buy a quality product with mixed tocopherols.

Trust me, this is easier said than done, and in my experience the perfect E supplement still hasn’t been made yet.

But this one comes close.

It contains all the tocopherols and tocotrienols and has undergone a molecular distillation process to remove all residues of soy.

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