Pine Pollen Testosterone

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A Powerful Erection Booster

Pine Pollen, Testosterone…pine-pollen-testosterone

Two words you need to remember if your bedroom performance could use a lift.

Because pine pollen does one thing incredibly well…

It facilitates increased testosterone production inside the testicles…without causing testicular atrophy.

And this is a Huge point.

You can almost look at this stuff as the plant version of anabolic steroids…without all the negative B.S.

But that’s not all it can do…

Because pine pollen is basically tree sperm. Acrobatic semen that gets blown into the wind with the hope….

That it will land on a female ovary (blossom) and inseminate it.

This is how pine tree babies are made.

And like the sperm of any species, this tree shoots out some potent material…that for some Strange Reason….

Human males respond really well to.

Pine Pollen also impacts sex hormone binding globulin, nitric oxide production AND estrogen balance in human males.

So this stuff works on hormones and on erections.

But it’s important that you cycle this herb so you don’t develop tolerance to it.

You can read more about cycling here.

Now here’s more on this subject from Spencer…

Pine Pollen Testosterone Part 2:

There are several natural ways to help you get it up bigger and better than ever…

Remedies that have been passed down for thousands of years and remedies that have just been discovered.

Pine pollen is one of those hundred year remedies. Whether you’re struggling with erectile dysfunction, or you just want some harder wood, pine pollen can really help you get going.

Here’s how…


Pine Pollen Effects & Benefits

Pine pollen is a supplement derived from (obviously) the pollen of pine trees, usually the Masson pine, the Chinese oil pine, or the Scots Pine.

Aside from helping ED, it has wide range of benefits that will make you healthier, and more sexually fit (source)

First, pine pollen is full of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, which collectively work to help your body function at a higher level.

Second, pine pollen has loads of sterols, which are naturally occurring plant steroids.

In pine pollen, sterols work to benefit your total health in a range of ways:

• Brassinolide improves liver function
• Castasterone is a strong antiviral
• Gibberellins help regulate prostate size

In addition, pine pollen has been used in China for thousands of years as an anti-inflammatory treatment, as a way to clean up free radicals, and to slow the aging process.

However, its major use remains for its tremendous (and natural) improvement of your morning wood.

Pine Pollen And Erectile Dysfunction

Pine pollen will help increase your testosterone levels through its role as an androgen. But testosterone isn’t the only way that it can help you get (and keep) a good erection.

Pine pollen also works to improve your erections in two other ways: with arginine, and through superoxide dismutase, or SOD.

I’ve talked about arginine and ED before, but the core idea is that arginine is required to produce nitric oxide, which in turn is needed to get blood flowing to your penis and then to hold it there.

Pine pollen, arginine, and ED

Pine pollen contains natural arginine that your body will put to use to build stronger erections. Arginine is good for your sperm too, improving sperm motility, general fertility, and cranking up sperm production.

The result is a better erection with more (and better) swimmers.

Superoxide dismutase (SOD)

SOD is an enzyme that acts in your body to break down free radicals. When it comes to ED, oxidative stress (having too many free radicals in your body) has been linked to age related ED (source).

The problem is that free radicals effect the metabolic pathways that lead to NO production and the natural release of cGMP.

Basically, when you’ve got too many free radicals running around, your ability to achieve an erection will diminish.

SOD is an enzyme that can specifically target the type of free radicals that cause the most problems (superoxides), and can alleviate the symptoms quickly and easily.

At the end of the day, pine pollen helps you get hard by both increasing how much NO you have in your system, and decreasing the number of roadblocks you have to go through to get your erection.

This dual action is why it’s so effective, and why it’s been used for hundreds of years to treat ED.

And that’s all without testosterone…

Pine Pollen Testosterone Part 3:

Pine pollen is one of nature’s greatest sources of testosterone and other androgens, particularly phytoandrogens.

Phytoandrogens are testosterone for plants. But they work for us too.

What makes pine pollen so unique is that instead of simply providing you a boost of testosterone, it actually promotes your bodies ability to build its own…..

With a combination of the adaptogenic effects of phytoandrogens and the fact that sterols promote testosterone production by binding to the receptors in your testicles.

Other androgens in pine pollen include DHEA, androsterone…and androstenedione, a weaker androgen that’s an intermediary step in the production of testosterone.

By boosting your entire androgen system, pine pollen helps facilitate the production and absorption of testosterone and other male hormones, which in turn improve your libido.

So what sort of improvements? Big ones…

First, low fertility is associated with low levels of testosterone production in your testes.

Because pine pollen improves your ecosystem for testosterone production, rather than just shooting you full of testosterone, it’s actually going to increase your ability to produce sperm at a higher rate, leading to better fertility over time.

It’s like teaching a man to fish, rather than buying him a sandwich.

Second, by increasing how much testosterone is in your body, you’re going to increase how much dihydrotestosterone (DHT) you have as well.

This is the main regulator of both cGMP and nitric oxide, which means that you’ll find it easier to get hard when you want.

And finally, this pine pollen testosterone connection will help you reverse the effects of andropause and keep your hormones in balance. This is key to having a successful sex life.

Pine Pollen Side Effects

There are few reported side effects of pine pollen for the vast majority of users.

Unlike manufactured steroids, PP does not cause down regulation of testosterone, nor does it cause testicular shrinkage.

Some people are allergic to pine pollen and (obviously ) should avoid using it.

The best option is to give it a try and see how it goes, starting with a smaller dose the first time if you’re prone to allergies.

Pine Pollen Products

There are a few variations on pine pollen supplements that you can take, but it’s most common forms are either as a tincture or a powder.

Pine Pollen Tincture

A tincture is a liquid extract mixed with alcohol. In this case, it’s basically pine pollen put in a jar with alcohol (or another solution like vinegar) and left for a few weeks.

It’s possible to make your own, but it’s unlikely to be as potent as what you can buy from a reputable source like Superman Herbs, which it our current supplier.

The benefits of taking pine pollen as a tincture is that you get the full absorption of all the phyto-androgens, including DHEA.

Oftentimes, these are lost in the digestive tract when pine pollen is consumed as a powder. For this reason, and because your body can absorb liquids faster than powders, you get a big hit of testosterone right away.

That’s why tinctures are the recommended product for treating ED for men over 30.

Pine Pollen Powder

Power is the second main form that pine pollen takes. This is simply pollen that’s been collected, dried, and ground up.

If you go the powder route, make sure you know how it’s processed…

Pine pollen exists within a cellulose shell and the only way to crack that shell is to heat it – but if you heat it too much, you’re going to denature the enzymes and make it less effective.

So what you want to look for is a supplier that offers cracked pine pollen powder, who cracks it by heating it very gently for a long time. These products are typically a bit more expensive, but the extra cost is worth it.

Pine Pollen Dosage

To treat erectile dysfunction with pine pollen powder, a dose of three tablespoons (standard dose is one tablespoon) dissolved in 8oz of water and you should see results as soon as the next morning.

If you are a man over 30 though, I’d say opt for the tincture extract. Because it’s more concentrated, it’s a good option to kickstart your testosterone production. I’d recommend 30 drops, which is the amount found if you fill the dropper to the top.


Pine pollen is a great source of testosterone and other androgens that are quite effective at keeping your morning wood and your daytime erections alive.

By improving your natural ability to produce testosterone, as well as catalysing the various metabolic processes that you need to get hard, it’s truly one of nature’s greatest hidden treasures.

Whether you opt for the hefty dose of a tincture, or the control of a powder, pine pollen is sure to make you feel good and turn your sex life around.

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