Improve Erections With A Penis Extender

You can improve erections with a penis extender if you use the device correctly. 

And unlike gains in length and girth, which take a bit more time, you can accomplish this rather quickly.

In other words, if you wear your device and gently stretch consistently, you’ll see improvement in erection quality in a matter of weeks.

Your flaccid hang will be meatier, your nocturnal erections will arrive more frequently and your daytime wood will be much more impressive.

But I do need to warn you…


Semen retention and porn avoidance are a huge part of this protocol, so you need to be prepared to make a few lifestyle adjustments.

I base this on personal experience where I learned that growth and erection quality come on rapidly when your sex drive and motivation to breed are high.

But when you’re depleted and have low sex drive, gains in both areas slow down to a crawl.

And this is the case whether you are stretching with a penis extender, pumping with the Bathmate or doing manual stretching exercises.

So here’s the plan that has worked very well for me:

Rule #1: Stretch Gently 

If you stretch too aggressively all you’ll do is toughen up your penis which will drastically diminish your ability to grow in length and in girth.

Aggressive stretching also has a negative impact on erection quality. 

A light gentle stretch is what you’re looking for. A good clue that you have the tension right is, the device will be very easy to put on.

Rule #2: Stay Consistent 

60 to 120 minutes every day is much more effective than a marathon session over the weekend.

So get in the habit of extending most days of the week, even if it’s just for a short while.

Your best bet is to find a time where you’re stuck in one place for a couple of hours, and do your extending there.

For example, while watching TV at night, while browsing the web or while sitting at your computer if you work from home.

Rule #3: Avoid Porn to Improve Erections While Extending

As mentioned earlier, when you’re worked up sexually the entire extending process works much better.

Erection quality improves, and your ability to achieve and maintain gains improves as well.

No only that, but your flaccid hang will be noticeably larger and meatier in size if you lose the porn and build up a little sexual back pressure.

A good plan is to use extending as a replacement for compulsive whacking to porn.  

Look at it as a form of self improvement that makes you feel good once you’re finished, as opposed to depressed and depleted.  

Rule #4: Save your ejaculations for sex (with a warm body)

When you do allow yourself to climax, do so with another person while having sex.  This habit will get semen retention we discussed earlier going by default.

You’ll also get the pheromone exposure, the excitement and the post sex hormone boost that comes along with real sexual activity.

Not only that, but the delay in gratification combined with the semen retention will lead to some impressive hard wood production.

And trust me, nothing will seal the deal on your new extending habit more than the sight of a racked flag pole reaching for the ceiling.

Follow these four simple rules and I guarantee you, your erections will improve and your penis will grow.

Gains in erection quality will come on first, gains in flaccid hang size will come on second and erect gains third.

If you’d like to take a peek at the device I’ve been using, you can see it here.

Finally, keep in mind, if your primary objective is growth (more than erection quality) you need to play the long game.

For most men this means a minimum of a six month commitment before experiencing any noticeable improvement in erect size. 

Fortunately, flaccid gains will come on much sooner for most men.

Improve Erections with a Penis Extender(Update)

It’s been almost a year since this post was originally written.

And I’ve been extending consistently during this time and I’ve learned two things I need to pass on to you.

First: Take Extending Breaks

If I take a day off extending the day before sex is likely to happen, my erection quality goes thru the roof.

So say I have a weekend trip planned…

I’ll stop extending on Wednesday night, which will give me impressive wood to work with when we check into the hotel on Friday.

The way I see this is…this is like taking a break from the gym.

If you workout, you already know that when you take time off and completely recover after a hard session…

You come back much stronger.

But if you hit the gym several days in a row, fatigue sets in and your performance declines.

I believe the same concept applies here, because the penis gets fatigued just like your muscles do.

And it also recovers from a workout in a similar fashion.

So if you decide to start extending, I suggest that you test this system to experience it yourself.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be sold after you try it a couple of times.

To sum up:

Take a full day off from extending prior to trips, date nights, Valentines day, or any other time when you know sex is on the horizon.

This will give your boy the breathing room he needs to completely recover.

And he’ll reward you for that recovery period with a noticeable improvement in erection quality.

Second: Horizontal Extending

Spend a significant amount of extending in the horizontal position.

In other words…

If you take your arm and extend it straight out in front of you toward the wall, that’s the position you’re looking for.

You should also extend vertically, with your penis pointed toward the ceiling, but  horizontal should be your primary position.

Extending is this position will help you in two ways:

First, horizontal stretching will increase the girth of your penis, especially at the base.


When you pull the extender down to this position, you can feel the stretch in that area, so this makes sense.

I’ve personally gained a significant amount of girth over the last 12 months, to the point that I’ve started to back off a bit.

Women get more satisfaction from a thick penis, but too much girth can get uncomfortable.

The second benefit is, horizontal stretching will give your penis a slight upward curve toward top.

And women get more satisfaction from an upward curved penis than one that curves down.

Because an upward curve hits the G spot, which drastically enhances her pleasure in the sack

I actually didn’t notice the curve myself, my partner did.

And closer inspection confirmed that I have a slight uptick that wasn’t there a year ago.

So in addition to the improved erection quality…

I’ve gained a significant amount of girth, some length and a slight upward curve that gives my partner more satisfaction.

One last point before I wrap this update….

If you need length more than you need girth, ignore the advice above and extend with your unit pointed toward the ceiling.

Because vertical extending targets length.


If you need both length and girth, split your time 50/50 between horizontal and vertical.

And finally….

If you’re happy with your current size and are strictly looking for improved erection quality, follow a less is more protocol.

For most of you this will equal 3-4 days of extending for about one hour per session.

As a matter of fact, this less is more protocol should be the end goal for all of us…

Low volume stretching to keep penile atrophy at bay and erection quality right where you want it to be.

Because as we just discussed above, your penis is similar to your muscles.

And if you fail to add stress to either one, atrophy will eventually kick in and strength and performance will decline.

If you’re thinking about getting started, you can see the extender here.

I bough the cheapest version (basic package) and it’s worked out fine for me.

That’s all for this update. I plan to continue updating this page, so stay tuned.

Now here’s part 2…

Improve Erections with a Penis Extender Part 2

You can’t be online for more than two minutes these days without seeing an advertisement for some product claiming to be able to grow your penis. 

While our brains have learned to dismiss these ads, some of these products have plenty of science to back them up. 

Still, I always tell my readers that it’s less about the size of their penis but the quality of their erection. 

In this article, we’ll talk about penis extenders, and how they can accomplish both goals at once. 

Intro: The Science Behind Erections

When we were younger, we didn’t have to give any thought at all to what caused our erections. If anything, we were more concerned with NOT getting them, as they so often appeared at inopportune times. 

Putting those embarrassing 7th grade blackboard incidents aside, you should know that erections are simultaneously very simple and extremely complex. 

And while the “ingredients” are pretty straightforward, it only takes a single flaw in one of those factors to turn “straight and forward” into “sad and shriveled.” 

For a proper, healthy erection, you need the following: 

Healthy Blood Flow

Your penis hardens and grows due to an influx of blood to your corpus cavernosa. These are two columns of spongy tissue that run along the sides of your penis shaft. 

They’re filled with tons of little chambers that expand as blood moves into your erection. 

However, if there’s anything blocking that blood flow (or preventing it from staying inside), your sex life will suffer big time. 

Healthy Blood Vessels

Those blood vessels inside your corpus cavernosa (and in the corpus spongiosum underneath the penis) need to be healthy in order to give you the results you want. 

Healthy Tissue

Much like any other part of your body, your penis is a network of muscles, veins, and tissue. However, for you to get a successful erection, these tissues need to be malleable and elastic. 

In short: they need to be stretchy. Unfortunately, countless health conditions and environmental factors can harden this tissue and make quality erections difficult (or impossible) to achieve. 

Nitric Oxide

The final ingredient in the erection process is nitric oxide. This gas is what science calls a “signaling molecule.” 

When you’re aroused, nitric oxide facilitates communication between your brain and your penis, which start to relax and fill with blood. 

Without a sufficient supply of nitric oxide, men can suffer a variety of sexual health problems. 

Again, if any one of these “ingredients” is not present or not operating as well as it should, you can’t expect your penis to operate properly. 

Unfortunately, there are loads of medical conditions, medication side effects, dietary problems, and toxins that can seriously inhibit blood flow, blood vessel health, tissue elasticity, and nitric oxide levels. 

To make matters worse, age alone can cause the exact same problems. 

And, as you’ll see, it isn’t enough to merely respond to these issues when they appear. If you want to enjoy quality erections throughout your adult life, you need to take a long-term, proactive approach. 

A big component of this for many men is wearing a penis extender. 

What is a Penis Extender?

All that information above is there to remind you of one thing: the default state of the male penis is “healthy.” Age, injury, and all the other factors we just mentioned only detract from that natural state. 

This brings us to the entire concept of “penis size.” While it might seem like a basic concept, you should know that there’s a lot more to it than you think. 

For starters: the idea that you can take some special pill or use some magic device and watch your penis go from “pint size” to “porn size” in a matter of days is pure fantasy. 

That said, you can improve the health of your penis and your erection while also increasing its length. 

This is precisely what penis extenders are designed to do. As medical devices, they help prevent issues related to blood flow, atrophy and curvature of the penis. 

How Do Penis Extenders Work

First things first: penile traction devices, otherwise known as penis extenders, are medical devices. 

When used properly, they can accomplish a variety of goals for men of all sizes. 

From a basic use standpoint, they are designed to stretch and elongate the penis in a way that is safe, healthy, and permanent. 

This happens in much the same way you build muscle at the gym. 

You apply tension to the tissue and cells in your penis, causing them to divide and multiply, creating more tissue and therefore “more penis.” 

But that’s just one small part of the equation. You see, penis extenders also contribute to your overall penile health by: 

  • Improving blood flow and your ability to hold the blood inside your penis. 
  • Stretching and expanding the tissues and blood vessels in the corpus cavernosa. 
  • Breaking up penile plaque, which results from disuse and injury and can lead to erection problems. 
  • Repairing curvatures from injuries or Peyronie’s disease. 
  • Improves the flaccid hang size of men who are more “growers” than “showers.” 
  • Generally increasing the quality of your erections. 

So, even if you’re completely satisfied with your penis size (and so is your partner), penis extenders are intended to do a lot more than just grow your penis. 

You might say they’re one of the most important products out there when it comes to protecting your overall erectile function. 

Understanding What We Mean by “Erectile Function”

Erectile function is another way of referring to “erection quality” or “EQ.” 

You see, we men often focus on comparing ourselves to other men in terms of size. 

This can cause us to lose sight of what’s happening with our bodies from erection to erection. 

Before we know it, we’re struggling to get hard, stay hard, and perform at a level that makes us and our partner happy. And trust me, this is way worse than simply being “undersized.” 

And while age makes this something of an eventuality, it doesn’t mean you need to just sit back and let it happen. 

There are steps you can take to maintain your erectile function, sure. But why stop there when you can take steps to improve it! 

That’s the mentality you need to be in. 

You need to start thinking of your penis as an organ that you can improve with effort, not just a part of your body that will degrade over time. 

In fact, you can and should be actively working every day to improve your erectile faction in terms of: 

  • Your overall “hardness factor.”
  • The speed or time needed to achieve a high-quality erection.
  • Your ability to maintain hard wood until climax.
  • Your ability to recover and go again. 

Do you remember how you were able to perform in your late teens or early 20s? 

You don’t need to sit around thinking about how “those were the days.” You can actively target that level of erectile function and take steps to work toward it.  

Think of it this way…
Imagine you’re about to participate in a 100-meter dash. You step up to the line and notice that the runner to your right is morbidly obese, elderly, and smoking a cigarette. The runner to your left, however, is Usain Bolt. 

Now, you might not ever be able to run as fast as Usain Bolt. However, that doesn’t mean you should just give up and start being unhealthy like your other opponent.   

When it comes to erections, we need to be preventative and proactive. 

Just avoiding things that cause problems with our blood flow, nitric oxide, blood vessels, and tissue health is a good first step, but hardly a way to stay competitive. 

In the end, the goal of trying to outrun Usain Bolt is enough to put you way ahead of your peers, even if you never actually catch up to him! 

How a Penis Extender Improves Erections

However, the best way to do that is to actively try to improve our erections now. And regardless of what you and your partner think of your size, one of the best ways to improve erections is to wear a penis extender. 

Now, there have been hundreds of studies on penis extenders over the years, and the results may surprise you. 

After all, you need to remember that these are medical devices, not something you buy from a back-alley sex shop. As such, they are designed to treat medical problems, including unhealthy erectile function. 

To that point, let’s look at some research: 

Penis Extender Study Number 1:

One of the most comprehensive studies comes from 2009. In this case, a group of men in Italy were asked to wear the penile extender every day for six months. 

Those who did, saw the length of their flaccid penis increase by 32%. But that’s not all. They also saw their overall erectile function increase by up to 36% (source). 

Penis Extender Study Number 2:

In another study, this time from 2015, 163 men who were dissatisfied with their penis size were asked to wear penis extenders for a 6-month period. 

The results in terms of growth were nominal, with most men seeing about a ¾ inch gain. However, of the 163 men, 13 had baseline erectile dysfunction. 

Of that number, 9 of them reported their faction had improved after the study (source). 

Penis Extender Study Number 3:

Another 2009 study found that penile extenders were extremely helpful in the treatment of penis curvature and Peyronie’s disease. 

The patients wore the devices for 4-6 hours a day for six months. 

The result was a 27-31 degree reduction in curvature, a roughly .5 inch improvement in length, and an overall improvement in ED symptoms (source).  

Stop Porn for Better Extending Results

There has also been significant discussion revolving around the use of penis extenders in treating porn-related illnesses. You see, excessive masturbation is extremely unhealthy, as is long-term exposure to pornography. 

Though it is often referred to as a form of sex, you should be aware that our minds and bodies both know the difference between doing the “tissue tango” and having sex with a real partner.

As such, you don’t get the same physical and mental rewards from self-gratification as you do from sex. 

For instance: 

  • Masturbation can teach your body to climax much faster than you prefer. 
  • It also keeps you from building up semen for larger, more pleasurable ejaculations. 
  • Jerking off releases endorphins that are extremely addictive, which can get you hooked on porn and on the act itself. 
  • Too much porn can lead to ED, even in very young, otherwise healthy people. 

This is where penis extenders can again be a huge help. 

They are actually a great way to treat a masturbation habit, and wearing one prevents you from doing the deed while reversing the damage done at the same time. 

Using a Penis Extender to Improve Erections

Now that you’re aware of the “why,” let’s talk about the “how” of using a penis extender. 

After all, the 32% improvement we talked about in the first study won’t come about if you take a half-assed approach to therapy. 

In fact, I (and many other experts) recommend a “less is more” protocol in order to get the best results. 

Penis Extender Instructions: 

Step 1.

If you’re using a high-quality, adjustable extender like this one, the first step should be to attach the device so that it secures to the base of your penis and the glans at the same time. 

The device comes with detailed instructions which will show you exactly how to strap yourself in.

Step 2.

Find the right amount of tension so that your penis is not being stretched hard, but “held” at full length. Now gently adjust it one level up to begin the light stretching process. 

A few hours of gentle stretching in the extender will improve erectile function. However, attempting to stretch too long or too aggressively will actually backfire and reduce your erection quality. 

After each 60 minte period, take the extender off for a few minutes to get the circultion going again. 

And never sleep with the device on because that can lead to serious problems. 

Step 3.

Stay consistent and play the long game.  Think in terms of months, not weeks. If you look at the process in the same manner as you do exercise, you’re on the right track.

Exercise your penis just like you do the rest of your body, develop a solid habit and stay with it. 

I highly recommend that you also avoid ejaculating before or after your stretching routines. 

In fact, if you’re serious about improving your erection quality for the long term, consider adding semen retention to your routine. 

How Long Should You Wear Your Penis Extender?

Again, wearing a penis extender safely means getting the concept of “immediate results” out of your head. 

In my experience, penis enlargement projects that guarantee immediate results are either complete BS or extremely dangerous. So again, play the long game here. Think in terms of a year, not days, weeks, or months. 

Also, remember that we’re not talking about penis enlargement, but the improvement of erectile function. 

The improvement in size is a nice bonus, but if you started reading this article back at the beginning, it’s because you want harder, more reliable erections. That should be your goal. 

A few hours a day of consistent use is better than wearing it all day long once or twice a week. 

Still, don’t be overly eager for a pay off. Trust me, as soon as you see improvement in your flaccid hang, you can expect erection gains and improvements to be right around the corner. 

That said, if for any reason you do notice reduced erection quality, don’t give up on the extender completely. Take a day off and allow your muscles and tissues to recover. 

Just listen to your body!

Improve Erections With A Penis Extender Conclusion

Before we go, I want to bring up the subject of porn one more time. I know that it’s pretty much ubiquitous in our modern world, but you’d be surprised how much damage it can do.

Not only does it mess with your mind and dopamine output, but it can savage your erection quality as dramatically as any disease or injury. 

As a matter of fact, chances a high you’ll quit before you experience any results. Because quitting is what dudes with burned out dopamine receptors do.

If you want to take your erection quality to the next level, you need to use your improved wood to breed with a real live human being.

Do this and you’ll transform your penis and your life, and that’s a promise.

To read feedback from men who are using this extending device click here.

About the Author Mark

Article edited by Mark Wilson. Mark currently owns 5 sites in the men's sexual health niche and has published more than 5,000 articles and blog posts on dozens of websites all over the world wide web.

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