Pheromones and Erections

Pheromones won’t turn you into an erection machine overnight…

But they can provide you with a little boost.

For example, Androsterone is a human pheromone that has been studied more than any other.

And its been proven that this agent reduces estrogen and also works as an androgen, with about 1/7th the strength of testosterone.

It also reduces cortisol, improves insulin sensitivity and boosts thyroid function.

And when you stack all these things up, you can see why this substance does have some potential to enhance erections.

Especially if you have high estrogen, too much cortisol, a sluggish thyroid or poor blood sugar control.

That being said, the biggest draw of pheromones is their ability to attract female attention (source).

(even those in long term relationships).

And remember, more sexual attention will provide you with more sexual opportunity.

And the more often you have sex, the more sex hormones your body is going to produce.

So how do you get more pheromones?

The easiest way is to bath less frequently.

So if you have plans in the evening, shower in the morning, but skip the shower just before you go out.

This will give you the musky scent women are unconsciously attracted to, especially as they approach ovulation.

Supplementing with pine pollen can also provide you with a substantial boost.


Because it contains the pheromones androsterone and androstenedione, as well as DHEA and testosterone, both of which act as pheromone precursors.

So if you dose up on pine pollen early in the day, and skip the late afternoon shower, you’ll send out strong signals to her olfactory system.

Just keep in mind, she’ll be most receptive to your pheromones during the fertile stage of her menstrual cycle.

But if you hit her at the wrong time of the month, your musky scent may backfire on you.

In other words…

When she’s retaining water, bitchy, moody, unhappy or depressed, you’ll be better off if you keep the pheromones at bay.

But when she’s in that happy place, a little musk will make her much more sexually receptive and submissive once you get into the act.

Now here’s David with more…

Pheromones and Erections – Part 2:


Pheromones seem a bit like something out of bad 1980s coming-of-age movie.

But they are actually real, and if you know what to do, you can use them to enhance erections.

What Are Pheromones?

Technically, pheromones are:

Chemicals an animal produces which changes the behavior of another animal of the same species

Chemically, they’re a little bit like hormones, but hormones that act on those around you instead of inside your body.

In nature, the most prolific users of hormones are actually insects. It’s how honey bees coordinate their behavior and how ants find food or defend their hive.

In humans though, pheromones play a less important role.

One example of their use is the McClintock effect, which is when menstrual cycles sync up when several women are living together.

However, these sorts of interactions aren’t as common in humans as they are in insects and other mammals.

The reasons humans don’t use pheromones as extensively as other species is that we can’t.

The specialized bit of our nose and brain that absorb pheromones have atrophied in modern humans.

We use our noses less than we did in the past, which mean that pheromones are a bit less important to us now.

That said, they still do have an impact by:

  • Alerting those around you to danger
  • Mother/child bonding
  • Informing others that you’re feeling anxious
  • Building attraction between men and women

Pheromones and Erections

Unfortunately, pheromones are not the silver bullet of natural ED cures.

The link between pheromones and ED isn’t quite so clear – but they can help by making you more sexually attractive to your partner.

When it comes to your wood, you truly do need to use it or lose it.

A study of 989 men found that over the course of 5 years, those who had sex less than once a week were twice as likely to develop ED.

This is likely in part caused by penile atrophy and hardening of the spongy tissue in your penis as a result of lack of use.

The researchers of the study concluded that much like going for a run will keep your heart in tip top shape, you need to exercise your erection to keep getting it up.

In short, the more you use your penis, the better off you are. And this where where pheromones can help.

Pheromones make you more appealing to your partner, partially because of an androgen called androstenedione.

Androstenedione is found in men’s sweat, and semen, and is one of the stops on the pathway your body follows when it turns testosterone into DHEA (source).

A study completed at the University of California, Berkley found that women who sniffed a jar of androstenedione experienced psychological and sexual arousal and mood elevation for up to an hour.

The more sex you have, the better your wood is going to be. And the more androstenedione you are putting out there, the more opportunities you’ll have to have sex!

Simple enough. The only question is: how do you increase your androstenedione levels?

How to boost pheromones naturally

While you can use pheromone sprays, there are also several things you can do to boost your pheromone levels naturally.

Increase your testosterone

It’s an easy place to start, since I’d suggest you do this anyway.

Higher testosterone levels seem to correlate with increased pheromone levels.

One study asked women to smell men’s sweaty, pheromone-y t-shirts and tell them which one they liked best.

They then looked at the testosterone levels of the shirt owners.

Turns out, women liked the shirts of high-testosterone men more than the shirts of low-testosterone men.

Therefore, the higher you testosterone, the more androstenedione you’ll produce, and the more attractive you’ll be to the opposite sex.

Here’s how you can increase your testosterone levels:

Cycle supplements.

Get plenty of sleep. Lack of sleep can have a major impact on your testosterone levels.

Try and reduce caffeine intake and have no caffeine after noon, keep your room dark, set up a sleep routine, and try and stay off the screens for one to two hours before bed.

ZMA and ashwagandha can also help make you sleepy.

De-stress. Cortisol is murder on your testosterone levels.

Do high-intensity, low-rep workouts like weight lifting and sprints. The goal is to exercise big muscle groups at a high intensity to maximize testosterone production and release.

Eat foods high in zinc. Zinc will increase your testosterone levels as well as your fertility levels.

The best sources of zinc in food includes shellfish and oysters, but it’s also found in chicken and eggs, milk products, red meat and pork.

Go Easy On The Soap

This won’t actually increase your pheromones, but will help you make the most of the ones you’ve got.

Every time you use a standard, commercial soap you actually scrub away your natural pheromones.

That said, no one wants to be smelly.

I recommend forgoing commercial soap all together and instead use sandalwood essential oil to wash away bacteria that gives you BO, as well as bathing less frequently.

Exfoliate Often

Your pores are like tiny pheromone doors, letting you push out pheromones into the wider world. The more clogged your pores are, the less pheromones can get through.

Exfoliate often to keep your pheromone doors clear.

Pheromones and Erections – Conclusion

It might not be obvious at first glance, but boosting your pheromone output is a one way to help your morning wood.

When you’re more attractive to your partner, it’s a lot easier to get in the mood.

And once you start having sex more often, it starts a positive feedback loop and keeps your penis happy and healthy.

The best part is that increasing your pheromones isn’t some monumental undertaking.

Work on increasing your testosterone with lifestyle changes and (perhaps) herbal supplements and you’re most of the way there.

Combine this with less frequent showers and some exfoliation to keep the pheromones flowing into the world and you’ll increase production rapidly.

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