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Three words any man suffering with ED should keep in mind.


Because the more often you use your erections, the more erections you’re going to get.

In other words, if you take your morning wood and put it to use, you’ll be much more likely to achieve another erection later that night….

(The time when most ED sufferers have a hard time getting it up).

This happens because sexual activity has a positive impact on your baseline hormones levels, especially testosterone.

Frequent sexual activity also lowers stress hormones and improves your cardiovascular system.

I’ve seen many men turn their ED situation around quickly by taking this one simple step, especially those who are in the early stages of erectile dysfunction.

So before you start thinking about Viagra or Cialis, execute this morning wood sex protocol, along with a few of the lifestyle changes on this page.

Do this, and you just may avoid the amber colored bottles and long lines a Walgreens.

Now here’s David with more…

Morning Wood Sex – Part 2:

Getting busy in the morning is more than just fun…

It’s actually great for your sexual health, which in turn is good your health, overall.

This may explain why companies are cashing in on this with orgasm alarm clocks for women.

But while we wait for the male version to come out, here are 5 benefits of morning wood sex.

1. Hormones Are Highest in the Morning

Because of the male hormone cycle (more on that in a minute) your reproductive hormones are higher in the morning.

But the hormone that experiences the most significant increase in the morning is testosterone.

This means a couple of things:

  • It’s easier to get hard and actually get an erection
  • You’ll have an abundance of motivation to use it once you do.

So why are your hormones higher in the morning?

Because like women, men have a hormonal cycle. However, ours goes in a 24 hour loop, not a 30 day loop.

And because we have about 10 times as much testosterone as women, understanding the hormone cycle in men is really about understanding when your T levels are high or low.

Here’s how it all plays out:

In the morning, testosterone levels are high, which means…

• Lots of energy
• Aggressive, focused, and confident
• Virility peaks

As the day continues, testosterone levels slowly fall, so you’ll begin to feel less aggressive, horny and motivated.

As the day winds down, testosterone levels reach their lowest point.

So on a hormonal level, early in the day is the best time to have sex. And since your wood has a ‘use it or lose it’ quality, its best to get in while the getting is good.

2. Morning Sex Boosts Testosterone Even Higher

We’ve already established that your testosterone levels are higher in the morning.

Well, sex in the morning boosts them even higher.

It’s like doubling down on testosterone. And this isn’t just like ‘well duh, of course sex raises T levels’.

There’s ample scientific evidence to back it up.

For example, the New York Times reported on a study where scientists compared testosterone levels at a Las Vegas sex club.

They took salvia samples from 44 men, 18 of whom went on to have sex.

They took another salvia sample at the end of the night and found that those who had sex increased their testosterone by 72%, compared to only 11% for those who just watched.

The conclusion is clear – having sex increases your T levels.

This research is confirmed by other studies as well….

For example, in a paper on the neurophysiology of the ejaculatory process, scientists reported that testosterone seems to lower the barrier for the desire to have sex.

Specifically, they said:

“Testosterone appears to be an important modulator of sexual desire ‘priming”

This creates a virtuous cycle – you have more testosterone in the morning, which makes you want to have sex, which increases your testosterone levels, which makes you want to have sex MORE.

And if you kick this off with an early morning roll in the hay, it’s much easier to keep this testosterone cycle going.

3. Morning Sex Lowers Stress Hormones

Of course it does!

Whoever had sex and then said ‘gee, I’m pretty stressed now’??

Not too many people, right?

And we have studies to support this too.

One study looked at what it romantically called penile-vaginal intercourse, or PVI, and found that people who had penile-vaginal intercourse were less stressed as a baseline.

This isn’t exactly surprising but what is remarkable is that:

  • Other sexual activity (either sex without PVI or masturbation) didn’t have the same impact
  • The stress reduction from PVI is significantly more impressive than other destressors “in the literature”

There are other studies that have found similar or supportive results.

One study found that while sex does lead to a spike in some molecules associated with stress, the more often you have it, the smaller these spikes are.

Another study on rats found that sex promoted cell growth in the hippocampus, the part of your brain largely responsible for combating stress.

Finally, yet another study found that anything fun, including sex, reduces stress in rats.

Basically, sex works extremely well to naturally unwind you. So if you can start each day unwound, you’ll be less stressed overall.

And as we know, the less stressed you are, the better your sex life, creating yet another natural positive feedback loop.

4. Morning Sex Improves Heart Health

As per usual, these benefits are not localized to your pants.

A healthy sex life has spin off effects, especially on your cardiovascular system.

And AM sex is no exception.

A major study of over a thousand men found that those who had sex twice a week were 45% less likely to develop heart disease then those who only had sex once a month.

While this is only a correlation, there are several likely causes at work here:

• Sex is physical work – it’s actually a decent cardio workout
• Sex reduces stress, which put strain on your heart. Less stress = healthier heart
• Sex has been shown to ward off infections that can damage blood vessels
• Sex lowers blood pressure because of the reduced stress
• Sex lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol


Sex is good for your heart for many reasons and when you total them all up, they can make a big impact.

5. Morning Sex Will Make You Look Younger

It’s not the most important thing on the list, but sex will make you look younger, which is always nice.

First off, regular exposure to reproductive hormones is good for your hair, nails and skin.

Second, sex seems to stimulate human growth hormone, which is what makes skin look younger and more youthful.

On average, Dr. Weeks from the Royal Edinburgh Hospital found that regular sex makes people look five to seven years younger.

Of course, this is on top of having more endorphins in your system, getting sick less often, having a healthier heart, better circulation, less anxiety and better sleep.

When you think about it, is it any surprise that people who have sex regularly look younger?

Morning Wood Sex – Conclusion:

Any time of day is a good time for sex, but from an erection standpoint, morning sex is best.

• It uses the natural rhythms of your body
• It lights up your AM testosterone levels
• It creates a positive hormonal feedback loop

And on top of all this, you get to start off your day with sex!

What’s not to love about that?

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Article edited by Mark Wilson. Mark currently owns 5 sites in the men's sexual health niche and has published more than 5,000 articles and blog posts on dozens of websites all over the world wide web.

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