Pomegranate Juice for Stronger Erections

This pomegranate juice for stronger erections article was written by frequent site contributor, Jason Brick.

I asked him write this article after testing fresh pomegranate juice for several weeks on my new juicer which I’ve been using to juice beets.

After testing this stuff I’m sold on it’s ability to impact not only erectile function, but also hormones and sex drive as well.

According to my wife, my body odor actually gets more pungent on days when I drink it, so it’s clearly impacting a hormone or two.

But I do need to mention one thing not discussed in the article before I pass you on to Jason…

Pomegranate juice works best when you cycle it, instead of taking it daily, because based on my experience the impact wears off a bit when you use it too much.

I’ve found that I get a pretty strong kick when I take it 3 times a week, but any more than that and the benefits start to wear off.

Now here’s Jason….

Pomegranate Juice for Stronger Erections

pomegranite juice for stronger erections

In some ways, Pomegranates are the Taylor Swift of superfoods. They probably get more praise and attention than they probably deserve, but you can’t deny that at their core there are good reasons for the popularity.

As John Oliver points out in a scathing, hilarious editorial, some of the claims made by manufacturers jumping on the Pomegranate Bandwagon are overstated.

Not so with using pomegranate juice for stronger erections. The chemical makeup of this Mediterranean fruit does all kinds of good for your sexual health and performance in bed. And all five of these have been well-researched and solidly established.

Pomegranate Juice Boosts Testosterone

You already know all about testosterone. It’s the “man hormone,” the one responsible for much of men’s health inside and outside the bedroom.

It’s what tells your body when to be horny, and what to do about it. If you’ve already talked with a doctor about trouble with erections, he’s probably mentioned low testosterone as a possible cause.

Researchers from Edinburgh’s Queen Margaret University conducted a small study on how drinking pomegranate juice impacted testosterone levels in the saliva of 22 men.

After two weeks, the average participant saw a 24% increase in testosterone from drinking pomegranate juice (source).

Pomegranate Increases Sperm Quality

In 2008, researchers at Firat University in Turkey gave a milliliter of pomegranate juice to lab rats each day for seven weeks in an effort to determine its effects on reproductive health.

They found that the rats treated with pomegranate juice had significant increases in markers for unhealthy sperm and significant increases in markers for healthy sperm as compared to the control group (source).

Although this isn’t exactly direct evidence that pomegranate juice is a magic potion for stronger erections, it does show conclusively that some compounds in the juice are good for sexual health in general…and general sexual health is at the heart of solid erectile function.

Pomegranate Juice Boosts Nitric Oxide

You get an erection via a combination of muscle flexion and blood entering the porous tissue in your penis.

Nitric oxide is the chemical in your body responsible for part of the flexion in the muscles near the penis, and if your body isn’t producing enough of it you’ll have trouble getting an erection and keeping it strong.

Taking pomegranate juice for stronger erections boosts the amount of nitric oxide in a man’s bloodstream. A 2005 Italian study found that drinking pomegranate juice increased the levels of nitric oxide in all blood vessels.

A 2006 followup found evidence that the increase wasn’t always due to more production of NO, but also by reducing oxidant damage to NO already in the blood.

Tested against other juices like grape, blueberry and red wine, pomegranate juice provided the highest boost to NO content.

Pomegranate Juice Reduces Arterial Plaque

The study that found pomegranate juice increased NO levels in blood vessels was conducted to investigate the juice’s impact on arterial plaque.

What they found was that not only did pom juice increase nitric oxide in the blood vessels, it increased it especially in vessels with a high incidence of arterial plaque.

NO is part of the body’s process for reducing arterial plaque. The formula is simple:

More pomegranate juice = more NO. More NO = less arterial plaque.


More pomegranate juice = less arterial plaque.

Arterial plaque – the accumulation of fat on the inside of the blood stream – is bad for your vascular health because it restricts blood flow.

It’s at the heart of high blood pressure and increases your risk for heart attacks…and it interferes with the healthy, easy flow of blood that’s part of the mechanics of getting and maintaining an erection.

Pomegranate juice improve your cardiovascular health, and through doing so lets you have and keep stronger erections.

Pomegranate Blocks Estrogen Production

According to work by the Beckman Research Institute in California and reported by the National Institutes for Health, pomegranate is rich in ellagitannins (ET).

ETs convert into compounds that can reduce the conversion of androgens into estrogens, meaning the more pomegranate ellagitannins you consume, the lower your body’s production of estrogen (source).

While it’s true that both men and women need their bodies to produce both testosterone and estrogen, too much estrogen is bad for both genders.

In women, it can cause breast cancer (this mechanic was the reason for the Beckman study). In men, it can interfere with your libido and erectile health.


Pomegranate juice for stronger erections isn’t just a new snake oil endorsed by smiling celebrities who want your money. It has been clinically proven over and over to directly address five different potential causes of erectile dysfunction.

I like that “five different potential causes” part because that makes pom juice a multitasker. Many other supplements treat just one or two physiological causes of poor sexual health, meaning if you guess wrong the treatment does you no good.

If you guess right, it might address only part of your problem. Pom juice helps with a wide array of issues, so you can do a little “one stop shopping” for your sexual health.

Pomegranate juice is available as a drink from most supermarkets, or you can make your own by juicing them if you own a juicer.

About the Author Mark

Article edited by Mark Wilson. Mark currently owns 5 sites in the men's sexual health niche and has published more than 5,000 articles and blog posts on dozens of websites all over the world wide web.

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