Pheromones And Sexual Attraction

(Medically reviewed by Dr. Zac Hyde M.D)

If you’re looking for information on pheromones and sexual attraction…

I have a true story to tell you that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that female body odor Will light you up.

Here’s how it went…


I was sitting in a chair getting some acupuncture done when the very attractive female who was sticking me….

Lifted up her arm and gave me a good whiff of some fairly potent underarm odor.

And I found this odor extremely pleasant in an odd sort of way.


I already knew that the fewer genes you share in common with a female, the more likely it is that you’ll be attracted to her various scents.

This is mother natures way of preventing kissing cousin syndrome, otherwise known as inbreeding.

Because you’re less likely to copulate and reproduce with a female who’s spitting out odors you find unattractive.

And much more likely to breed with one who’s scent turns you on.


I left the appointment in a fairly worked up state and thought to myself…

Damn, that was easy, how can I duplicate this?

Pheromones And Sexual Attraction Studies


So I logged onto pubmed…

And found a study published in Neuroscience where scientists exposed male rats to Volatile Odors from a group of lady rats.

And these boys all of a sudden started sprouting non-contact woodies.

(scent driven flag poles)

So I kept looking and found a few more studies.

Here are a few snippets:

Astrid Jutte, at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute studied pheromones, then wrote this..

“These odors can increase male testosterone levels by 150% (source).”


“Significant increases in T with respect to basal values were observed. Our results show that female odors from the vulva elicit hormonal changes in men.”


“The application of Synthetic Pheromones lead to an increase in reproductive activity compared with the control group.”

In a paper titled…

Exposure to Female Fertility Pheromones Influences Men’s Drinking

The authors wrote this: 

We found that men who smelled a T-shirt worn by a fertile female drank significantly more beer…

And exhibited significantly greater approach behavior toward female cues (source).

The implication being that these men used alcohol to increase self confidence and boost approach behavior in order to pursue sex with these women.

What these men didn’t know was that they were given non alcoholic beer, but that didn’t stop then from trying.

These studies strongly indicate…

That a whiff or two of her Volatile Odors can be enough turn your day around if you ever wake up with no juice in the tank.

And after a bit of self testing with my wife, I’ve found this to be very true.

So let’s talk about what I’ve been doing lately so you can test this out yourself.

Pheromones and Sexual Attraction (My Experience)

As many of you already know, the chemicals in most conventional deodorants contain compounds that disrupt hormones.

But they do more than that…

They also block the pheromones that have the ability to increase sex drive and sexual attraction in humans.

And after diving head first into this with my wife, I’m absolutely convinced this is 100% true.

Humans do perceive pheromones and they do respond sexually to olfactory communication.

And YOU can use these biological chemicals to boost sexual attraction to your partner.

As an added bonus, they significantly reduce refractory periods and have a profound impact on morning erection strength and frequency.

(based on my own personal experience)

Now I’d like you to introduce you to my wife…


I’m fortunate to be married to an open minded female who is willing explore this with me.

I’m also fortunate that according to, we share very few common ancestors, so I find her pungent scent extremely attractive.

And since we’re both self employed…

She can pass on the pheromone blocking products without worrying about coworkers, office gossip, etc.

So once or twice a week, she lets herself get a bit ripe and I make it a point to take in her olfactory signals.

And I almost instantly duplicate…

The sex drive and sexual attraction that hit me when that attractive acupuncturist gave a whiff of her body odor.

This can be explained by a specific type of pheromones that have been classified at releasers.

Releaser pheromones cause an instant response and work specifically to increase attraction to a potential mate.

And fortunately…

I’ve found that these releasor pheromones deliver the goods even if you’ve been with your mate for a very long time.

And don’t forget….

One of the biggest turn-ons for a women is when a man has a strong sexual attraction to her.

She releases the chemicals oxytocin, dopamine, and norepinephrine unconsciously when this happens under the right circumstances.

This increases her pair bonding behavior, and makes her much more inclined to be receptive to breeding.


The novelty of the situation and the increased attention will light her up if you play your cards right.

And don’t forget, a good hand for her means a good experience in the bedroom.

Pheromones and Sexual Attraction (A Users Guide)


Now let’s talk about specifics….

In the study mentioned above, all the men had to do was take a whiff of a well worn T-shirt.

This act alone increased approach behavior and increased desire for sex, likely due to a significant boost in androgens.

Unless you’re hooked up with a very game female, this is a good place to start.

Simply pick up her shirt after she goes to the gym or after a long day at work and take a whiff.

Then pay close attention to what happens next. 

Tell Your Partner You’re Attracted to Her Scent

I don’t have the space here to discuss game with your wife or partner…

But it’s important that you let her know why you’re doing this and what your objectives are.

(attraction-hormones-pair bonding-better sex-better relationship)

Stage two is direct exposure to the most volatile areas, her vagina and underarms.

There’s a reason a woman’s body is almost entirely hairless, except for these two areas.

Both contain apocrine sweat glands that release pheromones, and this hair traps the scent.

This is mother natures way enhancing olfactory communication and you can use this to your advantage.

Simply get your woman on board, expose yourself directly to these two areas, then take in a good whiff.

Androsterone is the human sexual pheromone produced by the adrenal glands and testicles in men.

Women release the pheromone Estratetraenol that has a strong impact on straight men.

And even more interesting, on gay women as well.

Men exposed to this sexual chemical view women as more feminine and more attractive, which lights up the courtship centers in the brain.

Napoleon and Joséphines Body Odor


It’s these biological chemicals, especially Estratetraenol and copulins..

That explain the famous quote by Napoleon Bonaparte that he rushed to Joséphine back in France as he was wrapping up a long military campaign…

“Home in three days. Don’t bathe.”

Despite the naysayers found all over over the web, I know for a fact that Napoleon got it right.

Very good things happen when your woman takes a pass on smelling like a bar of scented soap all the time.

And allows herself to release the pungent odors that were specifically designed to increase sexual attraction in men.

And I know this is a fact because I make it a point to take in my girls scent at least twice a week.

And the consistent and predictable boost in sex drive, mood, courtship behavior and breeding prove it.

And all you’ve got to do to reap these exact same rewards yourself…is convince your Joséphine to take on a little stink.

About the Author Mark

Article edited by Mark Wilson. Mark currently owns 5 sites in the men's sexual health niche and has published more than 5,000 articles and blog posts on dozens of websites all over the world wide web.

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