I was sitting in a chair…

Getting some acupuncture done when
the very attractive female….

Who was sticking me….

Lifted up her arm and gave me a good

Of some fairly potent underarm odor.

Which I found extremely pleasant in
an odd sort of way.


I already know that the fewer genes
you share in common…

With a female, the more likely it is….

That you’ll be attracted to her various

(and vice versa)

This is mom natures way of preventing
kissing cousin syndrome…

Otherwise known as inbreeding.


I left the appointment in a fairly
worked up state.

And thought to myself…

Damn, that was easy…how can I
duplicate this?

So I logged onto pubmed and found
a study…

Published in Neuroscience…

Where scientists exposed male rats
to Volatile Odors

From a group of lady rats.

And these boys…

All of a sudden started sprouting
non-contact woodies.

(scent driven flag poles)

So I kept looking and found a few
more studies…

Here are a few snippets:

Astrid Jutte, at the Ludwig Boltzmann

Found that these odors…

Can increase male testosterone levels
by 150%.


Significant increases in T with respect to
basal values were observed…

Our results show that female odors from the
vulva elicit hormonal changes in men.


The application of Synthetic Pheromones
lead to an increase in…

Reproductive activity compared with the
control group.

This last quote demonstrated….

That bottled pheromones can do this job
quite effectively.

Not only that…

But the attraction they create swings both

(her and him)

So you can use the male variety to get her

If she’s been flat lately.


If you’re interested in testing these

You’ll find more info on them…

Right here

Make sure you read the info under
the headline….

Precisely How Pheromones Work


The studies mentioned above

That a whiff or two of her Volatile

Can be enough turn your day

If you ever wake up with no juice
in the tank.

Bon appetit 🙂