OTC ED Pills

(Medically reviewed by Dr. Zac Hyde M.D)

ED Pills That Really Work!

I’ve probably tested more than 100 different OTC ED pills since I started blogging in the erectile dysfunction niche 14 years ago.

And I can tell you confidently, that the vast majority of them simply do not work.

Fortunately, some of them do.

We’re going to discuss these in a moment, but first I’m going to tell you what NOT to spend you money on.

Because I’ve had my wallet hijacked many times on useless products and I’m going to help you avoid my mistakes.

OTC ED Pills: My First Mistake:

If a product has a name like Black Panther Stud Formula Wild Midnight Screaming Beast or anything similar, avoid it at all costs.



Because it’s going to contain a totally random Kitchen Sink Formula…

With up to a dozen different herbs and chemicals that will make you feel like you’ve had 35 cups of coffee on an empty stomach.

The high doses of yohimbe bark, kola nut extract and other similar ingredients will make sure of that.

And even worse….

This mad formula thrown together by god knows who, will very likely contain herbs that actually cause erectile dysfunction.

Yep, you heard me right.

For example, a very common ingredient in these formulas is Saw Palmetto, an herb that will pummel you sexually  if you take it chronically.

Especially when combined with the outrageous amounts of yohimbe bark these formula often contain.

If you’ve ever overdosed on this gem, you’re probably smiling as you read this.

Or screaming inside your head at the memory of wasting 30 bucks on a bad trip you’ll never forget.

OTC ED Pills: My Second Mistake:


Mistake number two was wasting my time and money on cheap imported herbs purchased on ebay.

I’ll admit that some of these products did deliver the goods…

But it wasn’t until I started using high quality extracts that I discovered what a top shelf herb can really do to an erection.

I also learned that taking anything that has not been tested for heavy metals is a really, really bad idea.

A heavy metal hair analysis during this phase showing high levels of lead and mercury was solid proof of that.

OTC ED Pills: My Third Mistake:

Failure to cycle these over the counter erection pills was my final mistake.

Because when you take an herb chronically, it’s eventually going to stop working as your body adjusts to it.

I learned this after dosing many times with a new herb that jacked up my sex drive and my erections, only to fall flat after a few doses.

But if I took that same herb and put it on the shelf for a week before dosing again, the libido and the erections came on like clockwork.

So there you have it.

If you’re serious about avoiding drugs, prescription medications and negative side effects in order to get your boner going again…

Take a moment and read about my current erection supplement protocol right here.

If you decide to go this route…

Simply follow the cycling instructions and focus on the 7 herbs that I recommend and continue to use to this day.

Do this and the sex drive, the erections and the clean hair analysis will all be yours.

Details here.

Over the Counter ED Pills Part 2:


Sure, men with erectile dysfunction can go to the doc and get a little blue pill to try to fix the problem….

Or you can spend a fraction of the cost and suffer none of the side effects by opting for OTC ED pills available online or at your neighborhood supplement shop.

The stuff in these small, all-natural packages can do great things for a man’s package, and can help with yours too.

1: Pine Pollen


Chinese healers wrote about this during the Han Dynasty, and recommended it for all kinds of chronic and acute ailments.

For ED in particular, we’re looking at its phytoandrogenic and sterol qualities.

Phytoandrogenic means it contains testosterone, which you probably already know is key to maintaining both your desire for sex and your ability to have it.

Sterols are essentially steroids for plants, and there’s enough crossover to give you a similarly solid sexual boost.

Users of pine pollen consistently report almost immediate increase in awareness, energy, libido and erections.

You can get it in a variety of forms, but the best results come from tinctures.

2. Tongkat Ali


The people of Southeast Asia have been nibbling and steeping this herb as an aphrodisiac for centuries.

Westerners discovered it more recently and found out that it doesn’t just boost the amount of testosterone your Leydig cells produce.

It makes your body produce more Leydig cells.

A 2012 study in Malaysia tested tongkat ali on a population with low testosterone levels, and found 90% of them had normal levels after a few weeks of the protocol.

An incomplete list of benefits subjects experienced includes:

  • Improved libido
  • Higher sperm count and sperm health
  • Lower refractory periods (less down time between)
  • Increased girth

3. Shilajit Resin

When a season’s growth of health-improving herbs get trapped under glaciers and crushed until spring thaw, the remaining resin is a concentrated cocktail of mens’ health.

Tibetan tribes have taken it since prehistoric times as an anti-aging agent and immunity booster because of its delivery of high-intensity nutrition and herbal mojo.

Like that blue-green algae extract that broke big last decade, the resin lets us take advantage of nature’s process for distilling and concentrating the best of the good stuff.

It’s true that a higher dose of essential minerals and vitamins can help with some of the health problems that lead folks to seek out ED pills, but that’s not the real power of shilajit resin.

Its key power is the way it acts as a force multiplier for the impact of other herbs you take.

A variety of its key compounds improve your body’s ability to process the active ingredients in other ED pills the way the sodium in salt improves your tongue’s ability to taste.

Think of it as a wing man for the other ingredients on this list.

4. Cistanche Extract


Another entry from our ever-growing list of stuff we’re just learning about but the Chinese have used since Roman times, cistanche is a parasitic plant native to Mongolia and the Gobi desert.

It grows on the surface of other plants and looks like a pineapple, and has been harvested for its ability to treat premature ejaculation and infertility.

Like many health and virility tonics, Cistanche’s first line of ED offense is improved circulation. Your little soldier relies on circulation to get up for business, so anything that helps on that front can combat ED symptoms.

It’s also a warming herb, used to combat Yang deficiencies. Translated to western terms, that means it adjusts hormone levels to make you randier and more energetic in general.

Like most other OTC ED pills based on traditional remedies, cistanche extract hasn’t seen the kind of testing you’d get for big pharma solutions.

A recent study did see testicle support and seminal vesicle support in lab rats exposed to a moderate dose.

5. Mucuna Pruriens


It’s right there in the name: pruriens and prurient come from the same latin root – and prurient means obscene like you want to be in the bedroom.

Back when they were giving plants their scientific name, folks understood this one helped with sex.

In yet another example of science discovering stuff we’ve known all along, a 2012 study of mucuna pruriens in rats found that dosing with pruriens increased levels of luteinizing hormone and testosterone.

Mucuna also boosted sexual behavior, libido, sperm counts and sex hormone levels.

So far, studies like that one have only looked at the effects, not the mechanism. We don’t know why it works, but we’re sure it’s an effective ED pill.

OTC ED pills Comparison

This list includes two basic kinds of OTC ED pills.

One model treats ED by improving production of the hormones that lead to libido, erection and virility.

The other handles it by amplifying the effects of those hormone levels.

But redundancy in this case isn’t a bug.

It’s a feature.

Potent ED pills like this aren’t something you can take every day.

If you use the same substance to improve your sex life too often – more than once a week, say – you develop a tolerance…

Your body stops responding to the dose, and pretty soon taking the supplement does as much good as not taking it.

Worse, your body without the dose can perform worse than it did before you started treatment.

There’s also a flushing effect. Like with vitamin C, your body can react to too much of some of these as a threat.

Once your level reaches a certain amount, it will act immediately to purge your system of the excess and release hormones to counter the effects.

That’s why Cycling ED Pills is the winning strategy.

Take one dose on Mondays, a dose of something different on Tuesdays, etc.

Your libido remains fired up, but your body never gets so accustomed to a single OTC ED pill that it builds up tolerance.

About the Author Mark

Article edited by Mark Wilson. Mark currently owns 5 sites in the men's sexual health niche and has published more than 5,000 articles and blog posts on dozens of websites all over the world wide web.

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