Cistanche for Erections

If you’ve been thinking about using Cistanche for erectionscistanche-for-erections
you’re definitely on the right track.

Because this odd little desert plant has been used for thousands
of years to do just that.

Here’s how.

Cistanche Enhances Erections

Since before Genghis Khan (who reportedly consumed Cistanche every day), men have been turning to it for improved erections and testicular health.

That’s because it works.

A paper commissioned by the Food and Health Engineering Research Center in China looked at the effect of Cistanche on castrated rats.

What the found was that when they castrated the rats, the time between erections increased AND the quality of the erections declined. Which makes sense – after all, the rats were castrated.

But then they gave some of the castrated rats Cistanche. And when they compared the castrated rats that were given Cistanche to the rats who were given none…

They found that they had BETTER erections MORE OFTEN than the controls.

Plus, the rats that were given Cistanche were also found to have better sex hormone levels, approaching those of the non-castrated rats (more on hormones in a minute).

So this provides some strong support that Cistanche helps with erection strength and frequency as well as helps to positively regulate hormone levels.

But it’s not only through hormone regulation that Cistanche helps improve erections.

It’s also a proven vasorelaxant – that is, it reduces tension in the walls of the blood vessels, allowing blood to easily flow into areas where it needs to go, including the penis.

For example, a 2006 study on rats found that when they were given the dried stems of the Cistanche plant, it inhibited the contractions induced by noradrenaline (a blood vessel constrictor).

What’s more, the study found that rats that were dosed with Cistanche produced other compounds that also had a vasorelaxant effect.

Another study on mice found that Cistanche had a positive effect on cancerous mice by boosting immune system activity, and it even increased nitric oxide synthase production, upping NO levels in the mice.

All these things – vasorelaxation, improved NO function to support the NO-cGMP pathway, a bolstered immune system, and enhanced sex hormone production – contributed to give rats and mice improved sexual performance.

Cistanche Protects the Testicles From Toxins

Cistanche doesn’t just help your performance in the obvious ways though. It’s also great for the health of your balls, as Cistanche acts as a toxin shield, keeping your testicles free from toxins.

For example, a study on mice looked at how Cistanche protected testicles. The researchers deliberately gave mice hydroxyurea , a drug known for causing reproductive toxicity and testicular atrophy.

The mice that didn’t receive Cistanche grew lesions on their testicles, their sex hormone levels dropped, and their testicles shrank in size. The group that DID receive the Cistanche, were more or less fine, despite the hydroxyurea.

Their sex hormone levels were near normal…the spermatogenetic cell degeneration reported in the unprotected group was minimized, and for the largest dose of Cistanche, testicular weight actually INCREASED by 25%, DESPITE being given a testicular poison.

But this isn’t just a theoretical discussion of whether or not Cistanche will protect against toxins that you deliberately introduce. Our modern world is full of toxins that can have a negative impact on our collective reproductive health.

A particularly ubiquitous one is bisphenol A, or BPA that has been used since 1957 to make all sorts of things, perhaps most obviously water bottles.

Today, a small percentage of bottles are advertised as BPA free – however, it’s still circulated through our world at an alarming rate, given its link to cancers, including prostate cancer.

The good news though is that you don’t have to take this poison lying down. Cistanche has been proven to provide protection from BPA (source).

When researchers exposed mice to the agent, they found that BPA caused testicular and sperm toxicity. But when they dosed the mice with Cistanche, they found something completely different.

Not only did the Cistanche reverse BPA-induced abnormalities in sperm and testicular structure, it actually protected the mice so well that testosterone production actually increased in the treated rodents.

Which brings us to the final benefit of Cistanche…

Cistanche Boosts Sex Hormones

Yep. It’s both defense AND offense when it comes to this erection boosting herb.

Cistanche has been found to possess androgen-like qualities and, as we’ve seen, been widely proven to protect against risks and threats to your testicles and sexual health in general.

With that in mind, researchers in China and Canada started wondering: exactly how it works? And, does it always work?

The short answer is ‘yes’.

They did a dose-dependent study on rats, giving otherwise healthy rats Cistanche and watching what happened to their sperm count, sperm motility, and the levels of progesterone and testosterone.

Unsurprisingly, they found that virtually all the rats saw an improvement across the board:

  • Sperm count saw an almost three-fold increase
  • Sperm motility saw an almost 1.5 increase
  • Abnormal sperm decreased by up to 40%

And, most importantly, progesterone and testosterone increased. According to the scientists, the rise in these hormones is the likely reason for the positive effects on sperm count and motility.

It probably also explains why Cistanche reverses atrophy and fuels testicular growth.

So how does this happen?

Other studies have been performed to answer this question…

For example, in a meta-analysis paper, four researchers examined the literature and found there are actually a huge number of benefits to Cistanche administration, most of which facilitate sex hormone production.

One study found that Cistanche induces the excretion of enzymes that are needed for the production of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, facilitating the manufacture of sex hormones at multiple stages of production.

Another study found that Cistanche can decrease erection latency time, and generally speaking, the faster you can reload and go again, the more testosterone and other sex hormones your body is going to produce.

This rapid recovery period after an ejaculation is also a signal that your body is clearing prolactin rapidly, which is good news if you’re prone to man-boob development, as prolactin is the hormone that fuels breast tissue growth in humans.

The last study the scientists reviewed found similar results to what we mentioned earlier – Cistanche improves overall testicular health by protecting them from external environmental toxins.

The result of which is an efficient testosterone factory that pumps out male hormones, even when faced with chemical threats from the environment.

Cistanche for Erections – Conclusion:

Here’s the Cistanche product I’ve been using for almost 9 years now.

If you decide to give it a try, my suggestion would be to monitor your testicles after you dose up, and if they grow in size, especially at night while you’re sleeping, you’ll know you’re on the right track

Now let’s recap what we’ve learned so far:

Cistanche doesn’t have just one positive or one significant effect on your penis and balls.

It works in many different ways to promote blood flow, erections, testicular health and sexual health in general – while protecting you from chemicals in the environment that can do a number on your erections.

So give it a try. Your boy deserves it.

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