How Xenoestrogens Destroy Erections

Nine years ago I came across a xenoestrogen study that had nothing to do with erections.

Instead, this paper demonstrated a strong link between xenoestrogens and gynecomastia, AKA boob development in men.

The study made perfect sense to me at the time because xenoestrogens mimic estrogen in the body and human breast tissue is very sensitive to estrogen (source).

The study also backed up another rumor I’d heard that xenoestrogens cause testicular atrophy in humans and wildlife, which made even more sense…


Because elevated estrogen is the leading cause of testicular atrophy in men.

So it was no big surprise when more data started coming in linking these estrogen mimic’s to erection problems…

Because an estrogen dominant male, with small testicles and man-boobs isn’t likely to be tearing it up in the bedroom.

Walk into any public pool in America and you’ll see this feminization of the male body in full swing.

As a matter of fact, it’s a rare thing when you see an older male without at least some boob development.

And if he’s got the boobs, he’s very likely got the small testicles and the erection problems as well.

But if you were to get out of the chemical cesspool found in the developed world and hit a river somewhere deep in the amazon jungle….

You wouldn’t see too many manboobs, because they don’t sell Right Guard, air freshener or Old Spice in the jungle.

I’ve been teaching men how to stay sexually fit for going on a decade now…

And if I had to choose one thing a man should do to keep his testicles safe, his boobs small and his erections hard, I’d choose eliminating these xenoestrogens from his life.

It’s that important.

On final thing before I pass you onto Jason….

If you’re unsure if your chemical exposure is too high, pay attention to your irritability factor….

Because these chemicals have a tendency to bring on the negative emotions quickly when your exposure is too high.

Conversely, a male who is estrogen dominant with natural estrogen falls into the weepy, cry at the movies category.

So if you’ve got manboobs, atrophy, weak erections and a hair trigger temper after applying your man cosmetics in the morning…

Or when you head out into smog filled traffic, or walk through the perfume aisle in the department store…

You can be confident that you’ll make quick progress in the master bedroom once you eliminate these chemicals from your environment.

Now here’s Jason with more info on this subject…

How Xenoestrogens Destroy Erections

Most of the time in this blog we talk about things you’re either familiar with, like testosterone and erection supplements, or stuff you’ve at least heard of like nitric oxide.

Today we’ll talk about something many people haven’t heard of at all: Xenoestrogens.

But just because you don’t know what they are doesn’t mean they can’t impact your erectile health.

As a matter of fact, they may be one of the most destructive substances to your overall erectile fitness.

What Are Xenoestrogens?

Xenoestrogens are a subgroup of chemicals called “endocrine disruptors,” so called because they — wait for it — disrupt the function of your endocrine system.

You might recall that your endocrine system is responsible for regulation and production of hormones, including all the hormones responsible for your sexual health.

Specifically, xenoestrogens are endocrine disruptors that interfere with your body’s production and/or uptake of estrogen.

In women, build up of xenoestrogines in the blood are linked with diabetes, obesity, breast cancer and a variety of fertility issues.

In men, they can increase your risk of prostate or testicular cancer, and can negatively impact your sexual health in several ways.

Xenoestrogens Disrupt Hormones

Estrogen is important to sexual health even in men, despite being the “female” sex hormone. Xenoestrogens, as I described earlier, interfere with how your body interacts with estrogen (source).

Specifically, it bonds with the receptor cells in your body that take in estrogen. So when exposure climbs instead of taking in real estrogen, your body uptakes the xenooestrogens instead.

In some cases, this results in your body suffering from a massive overage of estrogen as it attempts to process both your natural estrogen and the fake estrogen-like compounds.

In others, it means your body’s cells bond only with the false estrogens, resulting in the symptoms of an estrogen shortfall despite your bodies natural production of real estrogen.

Just a few of the possible impacts of this on men include prostate cancer, baldness, reduced libido, weight gain, erectile dysfunction and gynocomastia (the dreaded “Man Boob”).

In severe cases, your body can react to high doses of xenoestrogens the same way it would if undergoing estrogen treatment for a M2F sex change.

Xenoestrogens Destroy Testicular Tissue

Xenoestrogens have been shown repeatedly to interfere with androgen-binding processes and chemicals in your body.

We’ve already discussed how too much estrogen hurts male sexual health. Xenoestrogens can also cause too little testosterone. This has a serious impact on your libido, sperm production and erectile health…but it doesn’t stop there.

As they say, “That’s Not All!” If you order xenoestrogens now, you receive free a heaping helping of physical damage to your testicular tissues. When your hormones are in balance, healthy tissue grows in your testcles.

That tissue produces healthy sperm in healthy quantities. Everybody wins. If estrogen (or faux-estrogen) floods your system, the actual physical structure of the testicles changes and becomes damaged and less productive.

Worse, because of the hormone imbalance, your body’s ability to repair that tissue or replace it with healthy cells is similarly compromised (source).

The headline: after ruining your desire to get and use an erection, xenoestrogens keep the party going and ruin your ability through direct damage to your testicular tissue.

How Xenoestrogens Cause Erectile Dysfunction

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that erectile dysfunction is a complex issue caused by any number of factors.

It’s usually impossible to say what single thing leads to one man’s little soldier no longer standing at attention. That said, let’s check a list of common risk factors for ED:

Physiological Issues — physical damage to the prostate, testicles and erectile tissue can all make your boner less reliable. Xenoestrogens are linked to all three kinds of damage.

Self-Image Issues — low semen production and reduced fertility, along with obesity or being overweight, can reduce your sex drive and make you self-conscious in the sack, contributing to ED.

Xenoestrogens increase infertility risk, damage semen and cause water balance issues and weight gain.

And most importantly, these chemicals are known to block the estrogen receptors responsible for repairing the blood vessels that lead to your penis.

Bottom line: if theres a likely single root cause for many cases of erectile dysfunction, xenoestrogens definitely need to be in the lineup.

Xenoestrogens Erections – Conclusion:

So. We’ve established how xenoestrogens are straight-up murderous to your sexual health (and your general health).

Now, what can you do about it?

Like so many chemicals that can ruin us, the little buggers are in almost everything.

But saying it’s hard to minimize your exposure to xenoestrogens isn’t the same as saying it’s impossible.

Putting even a few of these anti-xenoestrogenic strategies into your daily life can significantly reduce your exposure, and your risk of developing xenoestrogen-related erectile problems.

  • Avoid BPA-containing plastics, especially in your food and beverage containers
  • Eliminate foods prepared with red food colorings
  • Check food ingredient labels for BHA, a common preservative, and put them back on the shelf
  • Wash fruit and vegetables thoroughly, as nearly all pesticides contain high levels of xenoestrogens
  • Swim in salt water pools rather than those sanitized with chemicals
  • Avoid detergents containing alkylphenol. Replace them with natural cleaners
  • Avoid wrapping your food in plastic or storing it in plastic containers
  • Minimize your exposure to copiers, printers and gas pumps
  • Use natural, chemical free cosmetics and cleaning products in your home
  • Take steps to reduce Microplastics exposure in your food and environment

And finally, avoid any place, item or product where you can sense a strong chemical smell, because if you can smell chemicals, you’ve likely found yourself in an xenoestrogenic situation.

About the Author Mark

Article edited by Mark Wilson. Mark currently owns 5 sites in the men's sexual health niche and has published more than 5,000 articles and blog posts on dozens of websites all over the world wide web.

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