Garlic And Erectile Dysfunction

garlic-and-erectile-dysfunctionI came across a forum thread about garlic and vitamin C and how these two supplements, when combined together…

Can be used to treat erectile dysfunction.

So I decided to test this out myself, and after dosing up one night, several good things began to happen almost immediately.

For example…

  • I took on a strong hormonal smell (testosterone boost)
  • My sex drive went up noticeably (see item one)
  • My balls got bigger and my erections got firmer.

After this experience, I’m going to give a thumbs up on this and suggest you all try it out.

How To Treat ED With Garlic And Vitamin C

You can use fresh garlic or garlic caps to test this yourself.

I tried both while my wife was in Germany last month, because I didn’t have to worry about the smell factor.

Here’s what I learned over this 10 day (one person) clinical trial…

Garlic caps were the least effective.  Garlic cooked with food came in a distant second…

But raw garlic, crushed and blended with yogurt (surprisingly tasty) blew the other two out of the water.

If you try this, I highly recommend that you start with raw garlic first, so you can see the true potential of this stuff.

Just make sure your girl eats some as well, otherwise she won’t let you come anywhere near her.

Here’s the plan I eventually settled on…..

One clove of raw garlic (one segment of the head), along with 500mg of vitamin C, taken before dinner.

I crushed the garlic before eating it to increase allicin content.

I also began popping 3 odorless garlic caps and another 500 mg of C at breakfast. This last step is optional, but it does seem to enhance the effect a bit.

Now lets talk about why this supplement combination works so well….

Garlic Spikes Testosterone

In a study done on rats, they fed one group garlic powder along with a diet high in casein protein.

Another group were given the same diet, but without the garlic powder.


Testosterone contents in the testis were significantly higher and plasma corticosterone concentrations were significantly lower in rats fed…with garlic powder than in those fed the same diets without garlic powder.

So garlic powder significantly increased testosterone…and significantly decreased corticosterone levels in the rodents.

Not too shabby.

In another study, garlic juice was given to diabetic rats for 6 weeks….


Garlic juice significantly increased the number of leydig cells, testis weight, serum levels of testosterone and estradiol.


As is often the case, we have several conflicting studies that show the exact opposite of the others…

In this case, it may have to do with the increased estradiol levels researchers noted in the second study.

The rats in this case were given garlic juice for 6 straight weeks, so its possible that chronic high dose consumption may backfire on you.

It’s also possible that vitamin C reverses this trend, but that’s just an assumption on my part.

All I know is, I experienced obvious testicular growth, harder erections and more sex drive while I was using raw garlic.

I even noticed an increase in the size of my flaccid hang.  As a matter of fact, my whole package felt bigger and heavier.

If you test this yourself, keep a close on eye on your testicles, and if you experience growth, you’ll know you’re on the right track….

But if notice any atrophy or shrinkage, I’d suggest you cycle off for a while, then back down on the dosage a bit.

Garlic And Erectile Dysfunction Part 2:

Now lets see what else garlic can do aside from increasing testosterone production.


Garlic Lowers Blood Pressure

In one study, nine patients with severe hypertension were given a garlic preparation containing 1.3% allicin.

Blood pressure fell across the board in this group, especially diastolic blood pressure, with no negative side effects.

Garlic Cleans Out Clogged Arteries

In a study done on mice, allicin, the main ingredient in garlic, reduced atherosclerotic plaque by almost 70 percent.

In another study, aged garlic extract increased metabolically active brown fat stores, reduced white fat stores (blubber) and stopped the progression of atherosclerosis.

And finally, a study done on human subjects at UCLA Medical Center found that…two pills of Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract each day stopped the regression of arterial plaque.


Our study demonstrated the benefit of this supplement on both plaque changes over time and preventing new plaque formation.


Garlic Increases Glutathione Peroxidase

Glutathione peroxidase is an enzyme that reduces oxidative stress in blood vessels…including the one’s that deliver blood to your penis.

Several studies have demonstrated that garlic increases glutathione production in rodents, humans and other mammals.

Garlic is Antibacterial and Anti-fungal 

Candida fungus and bacterial overgrowth reduce hormone and nitric oxide production in men… which can negatively impact your erections, especially if things get out of hand.

Garlic is one of the most potent anti-fungal and anti-bacterials in all of nature, and regular usage will reduce these pathogens in your gut.

Garlic Reduces Blood Sugar

In one study, rats given raw garlic experienced a significant reduction in blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels.

When the garlic was boiled, it had no impact on glucose, and only a minor impact on cholesterol, and triglyceride levels.

Another reason why you should test raw garlic if you decide to do this.

Vitamin C and Garlic Synergy:

Now lets talk about vitamin C’s role in all of this…

I’m not exactly sure why there’s so much synergy between these two compounds..but here are a few facts that may explain things…

Vitamin C Repairs Damaged Artery Lining

Numerous studies have demonstrated that vitamin C is used by the body to maintain and repair the endothelium lining inside the blood vessels.

Vitamin C also improves vasodilation of these blood vessels…even those with damage brought on by type 2 diabetes.

Vitamin C Elevates Glutathione Levels

Vitamin C elevates glutathione levels just like garlic does.

In one study, 500mg of vitamin C administered for 3 weeks increased red blood cell glutathione levels by nearly 50%

Garlic And Vitamin C Increase Nitric Oxide

In another study, they gave human subjects a combination of garlic and vitamin C.

Systolic and diastolic blood pressure dropped…and the subjects also experienced a significant increase in nitric oxide production.

Nitric oxide was an astounding 200 percent higher in the subjects….compared to the controls who were given a placebo.

This study provides the best evidence as to why garlic and vitamin C can be used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Garlic Side Effects

As mentioned above, high dose garlic, taken chronically may actually reduce testosterone production.

This didn’t happen to me, even when using 3 cloves daily for several days running, but the possibility is there.

So monitor testicle size, shape and volume, and if you experience any shrinkage, cycle off for a few days and cut back on the dose.


If you decide to test raw garlic, I found that nighttime dosing works best, because you’ll work your way through the most stinky period while you’re sleeping.

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