Is morning wood common?

Hello Mark,is-morning-wood-common

Is morning wood common? I ask because I only get them about once or twice a week.

Is this a worry for a 40 year old guy?


Hello Nigel,

Morning wood is common in healthy men…but in sick men, its usually not.

And the funny thing is, a sick 40 year old who can’t get wood may not even look sick. As a matter of fact, he may even look like a stud…on the outside.

I see this a lot in men with perfectionist personalities who train waaaaay to much.

They look real good physically…but they can’t get it up.

But that’s not the only way a man can lose his morning wood…

He can also lose it for Any of the reasons found on this page

Or…from a heavily chlorinated pool, a hot jacuzzi, inside his favorite restaurant or from laying around too much on his favorite couch.

Throw in a few Right Guard type chemicals, smog, work stress, meds, and a female in the house he’s not getting along with….

And you’ve covered most of the things that would make morning wood uncommon.

So now what?

Download this if you haven’t gotten around to it yet. Once you request a copy, you’ll be added to my email list.

This group is 25,000 men strong, and all we do is talk about how to make morning wood more common.

And if your goal is to get wood seven days a week, this is the place you should be.

For proof, lets take a look a few emails from men who’ve all blown by 40.

As you’ll see, morning wood is common in all three of them.

Hello Mark,

After one month of cycling and seriously following your recommendations…fitness, testicles, jelqing, PC exercises, etc..

I can tell you that after suffering more than 2 years of strong ED and lost libido, now at 53 years old my erections and libido are back.

Satisfactory erections at night and strong erections in the morning morning. My testicles size has increased and I’m producing more semen.

I have my life back again. 

One more….

Hi Mark,

I am your biggest fan. I went from needing Viagra, to getting morning wood daily following your advice.

I am 60!

And another…


Your research changed my life. I was 43, in pretty good shape when suddenly sex performance began to drop off.

I began to have premature ejaculation, soft erections and low libido.

I knew my T was dropping and I was going to try prescription testosterone but then I found your website.

I was skeptical at first. I work in healthcare and understand anatomy and physiology.

But I shouldn’t have been…

My wife now calls me a stud! We are having the best sex of our 20+ year marriage.

Not only have all the problems disappeared, I am performing better than when I was 20…I kid you not.

Thank you, sincerely. If I can help you somehow, please let me know.

Best Regards,
Mr T


Is Morning Wood Common in a 40 year old man today?

Nope…..But it should be.


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