Cordyceps Mushrooms For Erections

Hailing from the high, cold Himalayas and grown on the back of caterpillars, Cordyceps mushrooms are definitely one of the more bizarre natural ED cures out there.

But don’t let their weirdness, well, weird you out.

Cordyceps mushrooms carry loads of health benefits like their ability to fight free radicals, disease, and liver damage.

They also keep stress at bay, and improve energy levels due to their adaptogenic properties.

They have even been attributed to helping fight the effects of aging and boosting your immune system.

With all these positive spin-offs, it’s really no surprise that this fungal superfood is good for your erections.

We’re going to look at how this odd mushroom helps your wood by relaxing muscles, boosting testosterone, and enhancing testicular function.

Lets go…

Cordyceps Is a Vasorelaxant

First off, what’s a vasorelaxant?

A vasorelaxant is an agent, such as a drug or supplement, that causes your blood vessel walls to relax…

And when it comes to your wood, this is pretty important.

It’s the process of the smooth muscles in your penis relaxing, causing blood to get trapped and thus, giving you an erection.

What’s more, vasorelaxation stimulates the release of nitric oxide, another essential ingredient for erections.

In short, you won’t get hard unless your blood vessels are relaxed.

And Cordyceps helps with that in three ways…

Researchers did a study on rats and found that when they gave them Cordyceps sinensis (the scientific name for Cordyceps mushrooms) their vessels relaxed in a “dose dependent way” meaning that the more you take, the more effective it is.

What’s more, they found that this vasorelaxation was controlled by the endothelium.

In other words, the effect they were seeing was a result of the mushrooms acting on the endothelium, stimulating the release of NO and thus causing vasorelaxation.

Cordyceps Sinensis Inhibits Platelet Activation

There’s also evidence that Cordyceps sinensis can act to inhibit platelet activation.

This might sound like a bad thing, since the core function of platelets is to form blood clots to naturally plug any wounds your body gets.

Platelets are obviously necessary – but when it comes to your wood, they’re a bit of a nightmare.

As part of the broader clotting process, platelets trigger vasoconstriction, so less blood flows easily around your body.

So when you’re trying to get it up, excessive platelet activity is not what you want.

Fortunately, Cordyceps sinensis has been proven to prevent platelet formation by interrupting specific metabolic pathways.

It’s like attacking the ED problem from both sides – Cordyceps sinensis works to relax your blood vessels AND works to keep your blood vessels from seizing up.

Cordyceps Sinensis is an anti-inflammatory

Cordyceps sinensis has been proven to work as an anti inflammatory as well.

Why should you care about this?

Because inflammation is hell on your erections.

The pathway towards inflammation (which is a protective measure your body takes to make your cells an unpleasant place for pathogens) involves nitric oxide, which means that less NO is available to fuel erections.

Cordyceps sinensis helps block these inflammation pathways.

Research has shown that Cordyceps sinensis limits inflammation by reducing the accessibility of key ingredients needed to start the process.

And the less inflammation you have in your body, the better off your erections are going to be.

Cordyceps Sinensis Boosts Testosterone

Boosting testosterone naturally is one of the best things you can do for your morning wood. It creates all sorts of positive feedback loops throughout your entire system.

Cordyceps plays a part in this in a couple of ways, but primarily by boosting steroidogenesis in the Leydig cells.

A study on mice found that when researchers gave them Cordyceps Sinensis, it fired up their Leydig cells, significantly.

And remember…

Leydig cells are responsible for producing testosterone and LH, so stimulating those cells is like getting your natural T factories working in overtime.

But Cordyceps gives us more good news… 

One of the primary drivers of low T today is a poor diet.

Without getting into it too much, the more fat and less muscle you have on your frame, the less T you’re going to produce.

Which is why hitting the gym is such an important part of getting (and staying) on top of your health.

Cordyceps has been shown in rats to specifically address this issue by overcoming diet-induced low T.

In fact, researchers have found that Cordyceps can reverse the long term liver damage caused by an excessively high fat diet.

Cordyceps doesn’t stop at the Leydig cells though…

Cordyceps Enhances Testicle Function

Cordyceps has been proven to support and enhance testicular function to counter the natural decline of gonad function with age.

In a study on rats, researchers compared Cordyceps on young and middle aged rats over four months.

Over those four months, the controls saw a decline in the usual measures of testicular health (as expected – they got 4 months older).

However, when researchers looked at the Cordyceps-receiving middle aged group, they found:

  • Sperm motility improved
  • Improved spermatogonia
  • Better, denser cell material
  • Improved sperm movement
  • More mature spermatozoa

And this robust result is hardly a stand alone study, nor is Cordyceps ONLY good for middle aged rats.

Another study from 2008 found similar results in young rats, including higher testosterone levels.

Those researchers concluded the same thing – Cordyceps helps improve testicular health and sperm health, including quality, and quantity.

Finally, yet another study, this time using boars, confirmed these results.

After a month of being fed Cordyceps, the test group was found to have better quality sperm (based on motility and morphology) as well as more of it (based on semen volume and total sperm counts).

But Cordyceps just won’t quit… 

In addition to enhancing your hormones, testicles and sperm, it’s been found to help PREVENT damage induced by BPA, the toxic industrial chemical.

When researchers compared rats exposed to BPA and given Cordyceps to rats exposed to BPA and NOT given Cordyceps…

They found that the group given Cordyceps were healthier, had better reproductive health, and the damage caused by BPA was “significantly alleviated.”

Cordyceps Mushrooms For Erections – Conclusion:

Cordyceps is the like a superfood straight out of central casting. It’s easy to get and digest, it has a cool backstory and it can help keep you sexually fit.

Plus, it also has a beneficial impact on erections. 

In short, it helps your body trap the blood needed to get hard and it addresses other erection roadblocks, like inflammation, NO production and platelet formation.

Second, it boosts your T levels, creating a whole whirlwind of positive feedback loops, including a healthier and more robust libido.

Finally, it keeps your testicles healthy…

It boosts sperm production and leydig cell function, and prevents problems caused by BPA.

If you’re looking to test a new supplement this year, I suggest you put Cordyceps sinensis on your list.

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