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Red Light Therapy For Testosterone

Swirling red light

Here’s the bad news: This isn’t an article about how finding the hottest hooker in Amsterdam to fulfill your ultimate sexual fantasy is going to improve your testosterone levels. Although let’s be honest, if a hooker doesn’t do the trick you’re probably beyond my ability to help you. However, chasing ladies of the night is […]

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High Prolactin Low Testosterone

Image of mans reproductive system

(High Prolactin Low Testosterone, written by David Jaynes) A lot of what we talk about on this site is stuff you’ve already heard of. Testosterone. Exercise. Masturbation. Belly fat. Eating more steak. Drinking less beer. But today I’m going to talk with you about high prolactin and low testosterone, and how it can impact your […]

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Onions for Erectile Dysfunction

Image of onions

(Onions for Erectile Dysfunction, written by David Jaynes) People have sworn by the medicinal properties of onions for centuries, with recent science backing up many of those claims. Though what they do to your breath isn’t very romantic, they’ve even been touted as potent aphrodisiacs. And there’s science to back that up. As an aphrodisiac, […]

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Does Licorice Lower Testosterone Levels in Men


This article’s going to have one of two extreme reactions from most readers… Because most men have one of two reactions to licorice. For those who consider it one of the finest delicacies ever created, or someone who swears by its medicinal qualities…. You’re going to be very disappointed in what you read here. For […]

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Increase Ejaculation Volume Naturally


If you can increase ejaculation volume naturally… You’re going to drastically increase the quality of your life, inside and outside the sack. I say this because big ejaculations are a potent sign of virility and balanced male hormone levels. And if you pay attention… You’ll notice high volume always comes with stronger erections, consistent morning […]

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Mint and Testosterone


(Guest Post, written by David Jaynes) Mint tea might help you warm up in winter or sooth a sore throat when you’re sick, but it might not be worth the pain. Mint and testosterone have a bit of a chequered past, with studies indicating that consuming mint reduces men’s testosterone levels. This article is going […]

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Does Drinking Alcohol in Moderation Lower Testosterone Levels

Does Drinking Alcohol in Moderation Lower Testosterone Levels

(Written by David Jaynes) Does drinking alcohol in moderation lower testosterone levels? If you have an internet connection, you’ve almost certainly read that booze can impact your testosterone production. And that’s accurate: alcohol intake decreases testosterone. Period. But that truth isn’t the whole story. It turns out that, if you pay attention, don’t go crazy, and do […]

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Do Probiotics Increase Testicle Size?


(Do Probiotics Increase Testicle Size, written by David Jaynes) You’ve heard of probiotics by now, probably in the context of fixing your “gut flora.” That’s the bacteria culture living in your stomach that helps you break down and process food. Yogurts like Activia advertise their value for digestive health. But some probiotics can also help […]

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Small Testicles and Low Testosterone

(Small Testicles and Low Testosterone, written By David Jaynes) They say “it’s not the size of the wand, but the magic that’s in it.” Within normal ranges for penis size, that’s the truth, but what about the other parts of your junk? Does the size of your family jewels matter? If so, how? Women don’t […]

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Shilajit For Erections


I’ve been using shilajit for erections for several years now… And during this time I’ve learned quite a few things about this powerhouse supplement. For one, you’re going to get the biggest erectile impact the first few times you take it. But after the first few doses, the erection boost is going to fade a […]

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