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How to Reverse Penile Atrophy


(Guest Post, Written By David Jaynes) It’s possible your penis is shrinking. It’s not right, and it’s not fair. But that’s not the same as not true.  From low testosterone to penile plaque, a variety of things can make your flaccid and/or erect penis smaller. Although some of them are simply related to age, there […]

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Pine Pollen Testosterone


A Powerful Erection Booster Pine Pollen, Testosterone… Two words you need to remember if your bedroom performance could use a lift. Because pine pollen does one thing incredibly well… It facilitates increased testosterone production inside the testicles…without causing testicular atrophy. And this is a Huge point. You can almost look at this stuff as the plant version […]

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ED Ruining Your Relationship


Is ED Ruining Your Relationship? If so, you need to remember… Stress, especially relationship stress, can cause blatant erectile dysfunction… Even in men who have nothing physical preventing their “little soldier” from standing at attention. What’s worse, a little ED can lead to serious relationship stress…which can lead to more ED… Which causes even more […]

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Taurine For Erections


Are you thinking about using taurine for erections? Good call, when most people think of taurine, they usually think of energy drinks. After all, taurine is a key ingredient in Red Bull, Monster, and Rockstar, who together make up about 62% of the $50 billion dollar global market. And while energy drinks might be your […]

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Magnesium for Erectile Dysfunction


(Magnesium for Erectile Dysfunction, written by David Jaynes) The good news for men with ED is, there are a ton of supplements out there that will supposedly help fix your ED. The bad news for men with ED is, there are so many options it’s hard to decide which supplements actually work. The worse news for […]

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Tribulus Terrestris for Erectile Dysfunction


(Tribulus Terrestris for Erectile Dysfunction, by David Jaynes) If you search deep enough and long enough on the web, you can find a blog post or forum post recommending taking pretty much any substance to cure pretty much any ill. That’s why some of my posts here examine the claims of how one treatment or […]

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Cordyceps and Testosterone

(Cordyceps and Testosterone, written by David Jaynes) Whaddayaget when you cross a fungus with an insect? Cordyceps. This is not a joke… Traditional healers have used it to treat everything from energy and stamina, to libido, to appetite, to sleep problems. Don’t let its nickname “killer fungus” fool you. It only slowly kills and turns into zombies when […]

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Does tongkat ali increase testosterone

Does tongkat ali increase testosterone

Does tongkat ali increase testosterone? In a round about way, it sure does, which explains why its one my all time favorite sex boosting supplements. And unlike most other herbs, we have plenty of science that demonstrates how effective this plant actually is. Studies that prove that tongkat ali increases Bio-Available testosterone by lowering estrogen […]

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Erections Without Drugs


(Erections without drugs, written by Jason Brick)  If you go to the doctor and tell him you’re having trouble getting and maintaining erections… He’ll probably suggest one of several little blue or purple pills to help you get back into the game. A lot of people are happy using drugs to get their erections. (hell, […]

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Zocor And Impotence

Zocor and Impotence

This Zocor And Impotence article was written by frequent site contributor, David Jaynes. There are plenty of things that can cause impotence and erectile dysfunction (ED). But if you’re struggling with ED and you can’t seem to fix it with diet and lifestyle, you might want to look in your medicine cabinet. One of the […]

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