Onions for Erectile Dysfunction

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People have sworn by the medicinal properties of onions for centuries, with recent science backing up many of those claims.

Though what they do to your breath isn’t very romantic, they’ve even been touted as potent aphrodisiacs. And there’s science to back that up.

As an aphrodisiac, can onions help with your ED woes?

Let’s take a look…

1: Onions Can Reverse Sexual Dysfunction

…well, in rats anyway.  

In 2013, a team of scientists at Jordan University of Science and Technology investigated how onion juice impacted the sexual behavior of the rodents (source).

They split the rats into several groups…

Three groups were given different doses of onion juice. One was given paroxetine (an antidepressant known to reduce libido in rodents and humans).

Two were given a mixture of onion juice and paroxetine. The last group was untreated and left as a control.

They found that onion juice reduced refractory periods in proportion to the amount of juice taken. That means not only does onion juice improve sexual function. The more the rats took, the more their sexual function improved.

Further, they found onion juice directly counteracted the reduced sexual function caused by the paroxetine. It undid the problems caused by that drug.

Bottom line: onion juice makes rats hornier, even when drugged to make them less randy.

2: Onions Block Testicular Oxidative Damage

Oxidative damage is one of the ways your body breaks down as you age. Basically your tissues slowly rust away due to exposure to oxygen. Oxidative damage to your testicles is one of the factors that reduces erectile quality as we get older.

In a 2008 study, researchers gave onion extract, garlic extract, or a combination of both to men with oxidative damage to their testicles, along with a control group who received distilled water (source).

After four weeks of treatment, they found indicators of both oxidative damage and sperm toxicity had decreased.

Further, the damage and toxicity decreased in proportion to the size of the doses the men received.

Here’s what those researchers have to say about onions for erectile dysfunction:  

“Studies show that like garlic, onions too offer protection against testicular oxidative damage and spermiotoxicity.

Bottom line: onions can help your erections by slowing or even reversing age-related damage to your testicles.

3: Onions Boost Testosterone Levels

As you probably already know, testosterone is one of the most important hormones your body produces when it comes to the health of your erections.  

More than one study has investigated the relationship between onions and testosterone.

Here are a few examples:

  • Dr. Khaki and his team found that after 20 days of taking onion juice, Wister rats’ testosterone levels increased by 300% (source)
  • A 1967 study found that onion juice led to increased testicle size and sperm production — two traits linked with higher testosterone production
  • Research in the United Arab Emirates found that onions given to rats not only increased testosterone, but impacted their bodies in ways similar to testosterone.

The bottom line here is simple. Onions = more testosterone. More testosterone = better erections.

4: Onions Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a symptom of generally poor circulatory health.

Poor circulation can lead to poor erections since your erection is caused by blood flooding through tissues in and around your penis.

Problems with the flow of that blood can reduce the supply available to make your penis hard, or mess up your body’s ability to deliver that blood to your nether regions.

A study in Bonn, Germany  looked at 68 overweight men, some of whom had high blood pressure and some of whom did not.

They had each subject take onion extract (or a placebo) for six weeks.

The study had four groups, based on the combination of taking onion extract or a placebo, and whether or not they had high blood pressure.

  • Those with high blood pressure who took the onion extract saw significant improvements in their blood pressure.
  • Those without high blood pressure who took the onion extract did not experience significant change.
  • Neither group that took the placebo saw any impact on their blood pressure.

It doesn’t get much clearer than that.

Onions reduce blood pressure when it’s too high, but don’t when it’s within a normal range.

Bottom line: onions can improve your erection quality by directly improving one factor related to erections.

5: Onions Reduce LDL Cholesterol

Remember about 20 years ago when all of a sudden scientists figured out that some cholesterol is bad for you?

Small and dense factions of LDL is that cholesterol.

It clogs your pipes, slowing blood flow and generally harming your overall circulatory health. Like I said earlier, bad circulation = bad boners.

In multiple studies researchers found that onion extract and raw onions significantly reduced LDL cholesterol levels in a matter of weeks.

Those same studies saw no impact on the other kind of cholesterol (HDL), meaning that onions directly impact just the bad stuff — but not the good (source).

Besides being good for your erectile health, that reduced LDL cholesterol also helps prevent stroke, heart disease, and similar circulatory catastrophes. Meaning you not only have better erections, you can live longer to enjoy them more.

Bottom line: onions improve your general circulatory health, and in doing so can improve your erections — and your quality of life.

Onions for Erectile Dysfunction — Conclusion

When you take all the data together, it’s clear onions can have a strong positive impact on the physical and hormonal processes responsible for erections.

This means they can help harden your steel, boost hormones and improve testicle function for all but the most serious cases.

That said, using onions on a regular basis is probably not practical because the odor can act as a chick repellant.

I think your best bet is to use them when your woman is traveling or after exposure to toxins that negatively impact erectile or testicular function.

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