Increase Ejaculation Volume Naturally

If you can increase ejaculation volume naturally…increase-ejaculation-volume-naturally

You’re going to drastically increase the quality of your life, inside and outside the sack.

I say this because big ejaculations are a potent sign of virility and balanced male hormone levels.

And if you pay attention…

You’ll notice high volume always comes with stronger erections, consistent morning wood, and hefty, high functioning testicles.


Because all of these reproductive systems work in harmony and when one is firing, the others are likely to be firing too.

On the other hand…

If your testicles are atrophied, your erections weak, and your morning wood is missing…you definitely won’t be painting the ceiling when you ejaculate…

And remember,  weak ejaculations = weak hormone production, and a man who is underproducing hormones like this is going to have a hard time peaking in all areas of his life.

All this to say…

Matters of sexual, erectile and hormonal health are complex and interrelated.

As you move forward, focus on the whole picture. Don’t expect a supplement or two to reverse an unhealthy situation overnight.

Instead, attack the problem from multiple angles. Include food choices, supplements, and defensive moves to keep your testicles in tip top shape.

Now, let’s talk about how you can make this happen…

Increase Ejaculation Volume With Shilajit

Shilajit happens when plant matter gets trapped under rocks and ice in the Himalayas, turning into a mineral mass that’s full of all sorts of nutrients.

Traditional medicine in India, Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal has turned to the substance for male health over the centuries.

More recently, research at the Roy State Medical College in Kolkata, India tested the impact of shilajit on sexual health in 60 men complaining of infertility (source).

After taking a shilajit supplement for 90 days, half the subjects had a significant improvement in sperm count (+61.4%), sperm motility (+37.6%) and testosterone levels (+23.5%).

That’s serious improvement in a short time. A host of other studies have confirmed this positive impact on male sexual health.

The dosage used with the test subjects was 250 mg, twice a day, taken after meals. You can get shilajit from any number of online sources.

Unlike erectile function supplements, your body won’t build up a tolerance to shilajit. You don’t have to cycle it with other treatments and can simply take it every day.

Increase Ejaculation Volume Naturally With Goji

Goji berries — a/k/a wofberries — are the fruit of two species of boxthorn native to eastern and southern Asia. They look a little like raisins, and are related to chili peppers, eggplants, and belladonna.

Traditional Chinese medicine has used the berry to help symptoms ranging from fatigue, to eye problems, to kidney trouble, to — you guessed it — infertility.

Goji hasn’t been studied as extensively as shilajit, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. When I use goji, it invariably leads to increased testicle size and higher ejac volume.

Modern studies on Goji have focused on its other uses, but a Chinese study of 42 men gave subjects 0.5 oz of Goji berry daily.

Though all subjects began the study with low sperm count and poor sperm motility, two months later ¾ of the subjects had normal or higher sperm counts.

What’s more, every single member of the study fathered at least one child after treatment.

Like shilajit, goji does not need to be cycled. You can use it daily.

Most experts recommend 2 teaspoons of the dried fruit soaked in boiling water, or a tincture of 60-90 drops four times daily.

You can also just eat the berries. About an ounce a day will do you.

Increase Ejaculation Volume with Brazil Nuts

You’ve seen Brazil nuts, but if you’ve never eaten them you’ve been missing out on a treat.

Besides being good for your general health as a source of protein, fatty acids, and densely-packed nutrients, Brazil nuts are high in selenium.

Turns out, selenium is important for male fertility and sexual health. This has been proven in numerous studies.

For example, a study of almost 500 men at the Urology and Nephrology Research Center at Shahid Beheshti University in Iran gave subjects 200 μg of selenium for 6 months.

They tested blood levels of testosterone and selenium, along with sperm concentration.

By the end of the study, they found testosterone and sperm concentration both rose in direct relation to selenium levels in the blood (source).

Brazil nuts are a food, not a supplement, so you needn’t worry about dosage or cycling. Just add them to your regular diet as a munchy.

More Ways to Increase Ejaculation Volume Naturally

Though the above methods are three of the most effective, they are far from the only ways to increase your ejaculation volume.

A few of the other better-proven options include:

  • Avoiding soy products. Soy has been proven to increase estrogen levels, which nukes your testosterone and reduces sperm volume (source).
  • Cycle Tongkat Ali. shown in studies on rats to increase sperm count and motility in direct correlation to its presence in the blood (source).
  • Cool Your Testicles with ice packs or cool water, which has been proven to increase sperm counts. While you’re at it, avoid hot tubs and jacuzzis. These warm up your testicles, having the exact opposite effect of nocturnal cooling (source).
  • Eat pumpkin seeds. They contain a whole lot of zinc, which multiple studies have found is vital to sperm quality.
  • Drink less. A Danish study of 1,200 male soldiers found a direct correlation between drinking and reduced sperm count and health. Worse, the more they drank the worse their sperm god. Anything more than 5 drinks a week will reduce your ejaculation volume (source).
  • Lose Excess Weight. More fat means your body produces more estrogen and eats more of your testosterone to produce that estrogen. Less weight means more testosterone, which means better sperm health and more ejaculation volume. Plus, skinny men get laid more often. Everybody wins.
  • Eat Oysters. It’s not just a rumor like Spanish fly. Research by a team of American and Italian scientists found oysters to be rich in the amino acids D-aspartic acid and N-methyl-D-aspartate. Both are vital to producing the hormones responsible for sexual health. Eat them raw for best results.
  • Have More Sex. Like I mention in detail in this article, more sex stimulates your body to produce more testosterone, along with a host of other hormones that make you produce more and better sperm. Less sex has the opposite effect. In case you need to be told twice, go have more sex.
  • Use Maca. A 2001 study in Peru found four months of treatment with maca tablets increased semen volume in all subjects. Interestingly, the treatment did not increase testosterone levels or sperm count — meaning it increased ejaculation volume through some other means.
  • Eat Lecithin.  A type of fat molecule composed of inositol and choline found in many foods. It’s a strong supplement for many aspects of health, including reproductive health. It’s also a key ingredient in semen. Use sunflower lecithin (not soy) to avoid the estrogen-producing impact of soy products. I recommend adding maca and lecithin to smoothies.
  • Cycle Pine Pollen. Pine pollen is another common supplement proven repeatedly to increase testosterone, which in turn increases ejaculation volume and other aspects of male sexual health.

Increase Ejaculation Volume Naturally- Conclusion:

Although I’ve focused throughout this article on treatments known to directly improve ejaculation volume, you’ll notice most of them also impact sexual health holistically.

That’s because, as I said at the beginning, ejaculation volume is tied to other aspects of your sexual health.

Bottom line: healthy gonads = lots of ejaculate. Unhealthy, unhappy gonads = weak ejaculation.

Use these methods alone, or along with more direct treatments for ED and low testosterone, to both put more lead in your pencil and more volume in your ejaculations.

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Article edited by Mark Wilson. Mark currently owns 5 sites in the men's sexual health niche and has published more than 5,000 articles and blog posts on dozens of websites all over the world wide web.

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