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How Do Penis Pumps Work

(Written By Jason Brick)

How Do Penis Pumps Work?penis-pumps-erectile-dysfunction

Penis pumps aren’t the easiest thing in the world to talk about. They’re a slightly embarrassing tool to help with a slightly embarrassing problem that our culture treats as either taboo or a joke.

But ED is no laughing matter for the men who live with it, and neither should be such an effective tool for dealing with its symptoms. Let’s answer some common questions about penis pumps.

So, What is a Penis Pump?

Penis pumps are a tool for helping with erectile dysfunction. They help direct blood into the penis, which is how penises become erect, then constrict blood flow in the penis while the little soldier is doing its duty. Exactly how they do that depends on what kind of pump it is.

There Are Different Kinds?

Yup. Besides different brands and models – of which there are many varieties – there are two basic kinds of penis pumps:

  • Standard Vacuum Pumps consist of a plastic cylinder with a pump and an erectile dysfunction tension ring. When you use it, the pump creates a vacuum around your penis. This draws blood into your member and makes it erect.
  • Bathmate Water Pumps use the same basic concept, but use a cylinder filled with water. Changes in the water pressure are what draw blood to your penis. In general water pumps are a bit more expensive, but noticeably more comfortable, than the air vacuum variety.

How Do I Use a Standard Vacuum Pump?


These things might look a bit intimidating (and a lot like a rocket), but they’re not even close to rocket science. Just follow this guide step-by-step:

  1. Get Ready. It’s easier to use this if you’re already naked. In some cases, you might need to do some gardening on your bush to get an airtight seal. Check with the model specs, and do a little trial and error, if you’re not sure.
  2. Slide the tube over your penis and press it firmly against your pelvis where your penis meets your body. You must establish an airtight seal here for the penis pump to work
  3. Either squeeze the hand pump or turn on the electric pump (depends on the model you’re using…see the instruction manual if it’s not obvious). This removes air from the vacuum tube gradually. Your penis should harden and expand as your blood rushes in to fill vacuum.
  4. Once you have an erection, slip the constriction ring down to the base. If it’s sized properly, it will restrict but not stop blood flow into and out of your penis. This helps you maintain the erection without risking circulatory damage.
  5. Remove the cylinder but keep the constriction ring on. Go have sex. Your erection should last long enough to get the deed done.

How do I use a Bathmate Water Pump?

Like I said, the basic usage for these is pretty similar to a vacuum pump. Use these directions to make the process as comfortable as possible.

  1. Slide the latch valve at the top of the pump to its center position. Most models have three possible positions. Either side is “open,” so put it in the middle. You’ll have to press it gently downward to get it to move.
  2. Choose the right comfort pad into the base of the cylinder. Align the markings so it’s settled in correctly. If you want, you can rotate the cylinder so you can see the measuring guide.
  3. Chill out for about five minutes, letting the warm water of your bath dilate your blood vessels. This – plus just relaxing in the bath – will make the rest of the process a lot easier.
  4. Fill the cylinder with water and slide your junk in. Seat it directly against your hips at the base of your penis. Press inward slightly to form a good, tight seal.
  5. Pump the Bathmate slowly by pulling it toward your body, compressing the comfort pad. This looks and feels a bit like masturbating, and pumps water out the valve at the tip. This is what creates the pressure differential to pull blood into your penis. You should start to see results immediately.
  6. Pump again as you feel the pressure release. Bathmate pumps are built to release pressure slowly and avoid damage to your unit from over-pressure. Each new pump renews the pressure that makes it work.
  7. When you feel ready to go, remove the pump and get to it. You may want to apply a restrictive ring to help maintain your erection if that’s an issue.

The directions I just gave are for using this in the bath. You can use it in the shower just as easily, even if five minutes standing in the water isn’t as relaxing as five minutes in a hot bath.

(Read about my experience with the Bathmate here)

Anything Else I Should Know?

Penis pumps are safer that many other methods of handling ED, but keep a few things in mind:

  • If you use the constriction or tension ring, take it off after at most 30 minutes. Any longer might cause damage
  • Talk with a doctor if you have anemia, sickle cell, use blood thinners or have any other medical circulatory problems. The process by which penis pumps work can cause problems for people with these conditions.
  • Ejaculation with the constriction ring on sometimes feels unnatural, forced or even painful. This is normal, but if it makes sex unpleasant defeats the purpose of sex.
  • You might see bruising or pinpoint dots on your penis. This is normal, but if accompanied by pain means you should stop using a penis pump, talk with your doctor, or both.

How Do Penis Pumps Work – Conclusion: 

You’ll also see penis pumps advertised as a way to enlarge the size of your member, which goes beyond the scope of this article.

But serious medical programs like the Mayo Clinic recommend penis pumps for treating ED as being safer, cheaper and having fewer side effects than medications like Viagra or Cialis.

As long as you know which kind of pump you want, why it’s the best choice for you, and how to use it safely, they’re worth giving a try.


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