Using the Bathmate Penis Pump to Treat ED

I started using the Bathmate penis pump to treat ED nearly 7 years ago.

And from day one, my objective was never penis enlargement, although that has been a very pleasant side effect.

My primary goal has always been stronger erections, increased sex drive and improved bedroom fitness.


And I’m happy to say I’ve successfully ticked off All of these boxes after quite a bit of trial and error.

In this blog post, I’m going to spell out exactly how you should use this pump so you can tick off these boxes as well.

Just keep in mind….

The 3 rules I’m about to give you are for men who are looking for improved erections and elevated sex drive, specifically.

If your erections and your sex drive are perfectly dialed in….

And your only objective is penis enlargement, don’t waste your time reading this article because you’re not going to find what you’re looking for.

Lets get started….

How I Use The Bathmate to Treat ED

Rule Number 1: Less is More.

Pumping excessively will have a negative impact on erections.

I proved this to myself many times when I first started, where long pumping sessions lead to a limp penis the following day.

On the other hand, moderate pumping sessions always had the exact opposite effect.

Three 15 minute sessions a week turned out to be the sweet spot for me. 

I experienced stronger and firmer erections and increased sex drive when I limited myself to 45 minutes a week, maximum.

You’ll know you’re on track when your 15 minutes is up, but you’re not ready to put the pump away yet.

Rule Number 2: Never Ejaculate While Pumping

If you give in and ejaculate while pumping, you will lose out on the erectile and sex drive benefits.

I’ve tested this numerous times and every single time I’ve allowed myself to release, I lost the mojo these pumping sessions bring on.

So do yourself a huge favor, and hold off on the ejac’s no matter how strong the urge.

As a matter of fact, the stronger the urge to climax, the more successful your pumping session is going to be.

Rule Number 3: Be Open About Your Pumping

Don’t hide this from your partner because this isn’t a dark room habit that you need to be ashamed of.

This is bedroom fitness at its very finest!

Instead, explain to her that you’re exercising your penis just like you would any other body part.

Then let her know that you’re doing this so you can continue to have a satisfying sex life with her.

I also recommend that you invite her into the shower with you and get her involved in your pumping routines on occasion.

The novelty and uniqueness of the situation will increase dopamine in both of you and can lead to some very satisfying sex.

Two final tips before I send you over to David…

When the urge to masturbate hits you, pull out your Bathmate hydropump and pump instead.

If you follow the no ejaculation rule we discussed earlier and use your pump as a pornography replacement…..

Your erections are going to skyrocket, especially if you have a problem with porn and have been a consuming it on a regular basis.


I get tons of questions about model selection. If you’re new to pumping I’d suggest starting with the hydromax series.

Based on feedback from quite a few men over the years the hydromax 7 will be a good fit for the vast majority most of you.

See the hydromax 7 here.

Now here’s David with part two….

Bathmate Erectile Dysfunction Part 2:

I know, guys. When you think “penis pump” you think about men whose
packages are too small. bathmate penis pump

But that’s not all they’re good for. Turns out, doctors have recommended using penis pumps as an ED fix for decades. 

That’s because they work by improving many of the physiological problems that cause trouble with “rising to the occasion.”

Here’s how it works… 

Bathmate Pumping Increases Blood Flow to the Penis

A penis pump works after you put it on and establish an airtight seal. 

Then you pump air out of the chamber. This establishes a low-pressure climate around your penis. Because nature seeks equilibrium, physics draws blood to your penis to compensate. 

A Bathmate pump, adds the element of water… 

By establishing a water base around the seal, it makes the whole operation more fluid and easier to make small adjustments. That means you can fine-tune the air pressure better and get results without risking bruising and other injuries. 

Although it got into your member for “non-traditional” reasons, once it gets there it does the same job it would if you were making out with a supermodel. 

Your penis gets hard, and stays that way for a while. Long enough to please your partner, in most cases. 

When pumping to increase the size of your penis, you keep pumping until your penis is so full of blood it’s actually stretching the tissues so they grow larger over time. 

For ED, it’s just the hardness you’re after. Getting that blood into your penis helps your ED in multiple ways. 

Using the Bathmate Penis Pump to Treat ED

More than one study has demonstrated that penis pumps are a strong short-term solution to erectile dysfunction. 

A 1997 literature review published in the World Journal of Urology looked at several studies investigating penis pumpings impact on erectile function (source). 

The success rates ranged between 80% and 90%, over multiple years and with thousands of subjects. 

So we know for sure that penis pumps can help put lead back in your pencil. The next question is why?

As you know, you get an erection when blood floods the tissues in your penis, causing it to grow larger and rigid like a balloon filling with air. 

Most causes of ED restrict, slow, or otherwise interfere with that blood flow. 

This might be something physical, like a weaker heart pumping with less force. It might be something hormonal, slowing or preventing your body from getting the signals to pump blood there. 

It can also be epidemiological, where a disease is causing the problem, or psychological/social where the relationship is preventing early stages of arousal. 

In all cases though, physically drawing blood into your penis bypasses those issues and gets blood into the tissues where you want them.

And that’s exactly what penis pumps do. 

Penis Pumps Mimic Nighttime Erections

Did you know you get erections several times per night? It’s your body pumping blood into your penis to improve vascular health down there, and via that to improve your sexual health. 

This is goes beyond simply getting you hard, and into the benefits of how flowing blood delivers nutrients and enables healing. Your penis needs these regular hard-ons to stay healthy. 

Teens and young men get about five of these each night, but as we age that number goes down. In classic “use it or lose it” fashion, the less night wood you get, the more likely you are to develop erectile dysfunction. 

Regularly using a penis pump establishes that regular blood flow, giving you all the health benefits of that increasingly infrequent nighttime wood. 

And those benefits include faster, longer, stronger, better, and more frequent erections. 

Using the Bathmate as a Masturbation Replacement

Pornography addiction and compulsive masturbation are common causes and contributors to ED, especially in younger men. 

This is because using porn messes with your dopamine production and uptake, making it increasingly difficult to get aroused “the old-fashioned way.” 

But using a penis pump lets you “play with your own best friend” without any of the crazy dopamine problems you get from porn addiction and excessive masturbation. 

You get stimulation, and erections, and I won’t lie. It feels pretty good if you do it right. 

Keep in mind, though: do not go “all the way” with yourself here. Save your orgasms for your partner. I say that for two reasons. 

First, touching yourself to climax without porn isn’t as bad as using porn…but it’s still not great. Instead, you want to avoid masturbating to completion in order to get the best out of your pumping sessions. 

As for the second reason, read on…

Using the Bathmate Increases Sex Drive

Okay, there’s not a lot of settled science behind this part, but plenty of men report it in the penis enlargement and erectile dysfunction forums, and I’ve experienced this myself. 

If you pump regularly, but don’t overdo it, you can experience a significant increase in your sex drive.

For me, my sweet spot is three sessions every week, lasting 15 minutes each. 

When I keep it in that zone, I get long, strong, lasting erections coupled with a seriously improved sex drive…and no negative side effects whatsoever. 

Like I said, there aren’t any scientists studying this at all so we don’t have a settled reason for why it’s true.

We just know that it’s true, though your mileage may vary. 

Unless you let yourself climax during your penis pump sessions. If you do that, you’ll very likely see a reduction in sex drive, especially if you go at it too often.  

Using the Bathmate Penis Pump to Treat ED — Conclusion

Bottom line, gents: using a penis pump helps you get better erections and keep them long enough to do your partner some good.

If you’re interested, you can also use them to make your penis bigger for “extra credit”.

Doctors recommend it. Men who’ve used them recommend it. 

One last piece of advice…

You might be tempted to hide your pumping from your partner for various reasons.

Do not give in to this temptation.

Instead, invite your gal into the shower and get her involved. Have her help you pump a couple of times a week. 

In my experience, the novelty of it can charge her up, as can the emotional vulnerability you show by inviting her into this private part of your life. 

Combine this with the erections a pump can produce, and you’re both in for some next-level sex.

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