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Apple Cider Vinegar For Erections


I’ve heard from several men who have used apple cider vinegar for erections. Some have had wild success…but others, not so much. After a bit of digging around and some self-testing, I’m pretty sure I know why this all-around health tonic works for some men and not for others: It all depends on your baseline health to […]

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Pomegranate Juice for Stronger Erections

pomegranite juice for stronger erections

This pomegranate juice for stronger erections article was written by frequent site contributor, Jason Brick. I asked him write this article after testing fresh pomegranate juice for several weeks on my new juicer which I’ve been using to juice beets. After testing this stuff I’m sold on it’s ability to impact not only erectile function, […]

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Random Erections


Random erections, spontaneous boners, surprise woodies… Call them whatever you want, just make sure that you never lose them… If you want to have a vibrant sex life, that is. Because random hard-ons are like a neon sign advertising your reproductive health and sexual fitness. And once they start to fade, your desire and your ability to take care […]

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Does Alcohol Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

does- alcohol-cause-erectile-dysfunction

One of the most common questions I get is…does alcohol cause erectile dysfunction? The trouble with getting a straight answer to this question is that neither alcohol or sex are topics that get a lot of straight answers. Both topics are encumbered with political, moralistic and religious interference that makes pure research hard to conduct, […]

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Celery And Erectile Dysfunction


This is a guest post about celery and erectile dysfunction written by David Janes. Inside you’ll learn how this stalky vegetable…. Boosts nitric oxide Elevates sex drive Reduces platelet aggregation Increases testosterone production And even makes you smell better to women Now here’s David….

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Beet Juice For Erections


I’ve been testing raw beet juice for erections for the last several weeks and the test has gone extremely well, to say the least. I had been using dry beet root juice powder from Amazon that you mix up with water and drink. This provided some erection benefits, but the raw beet juice has outclassed […]

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Goji Berries and Erectile Dysfunction

Today I want to share what I’ve learned about goji berries and erectile dysfunction. These bright orange-red berries are native to China, but are cultivated in many temperate climates around the world. They’ve been used by traditional cultures as a longevity drug that helps with everything from circulatory problems, to acute fevers, to age-related issues […]

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Walking And Erectile Dysfunction


(By David Janes) Is there a link between Walking and Erectile Dysfunction? Can this simplest form of exercise help with your ED issue? Researchers and fitness gurus have been touting the health benefits of walking for years. But how can it help with sexual health? As it turns out, walking and erectile dysfunction are linked in […]

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Maca Root For Erections


Guest Post by David Janes Have you heard about the potential benefits of maca root for erections? Ancient Peruvians knew all about it. They used maca root to treat all kinds of medical conditions. But what about maca root for erections?

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Ginseng For Erectile Dysfunction


It’s no wonder that some people call ginseng the King of Herbs.  After all, it’s been used for thousands of years — since before recorded history began — to treat all kinds of medical conditions. But does ginseng work for erectile dysfunction? 

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