Beet Juice For Erections

I’ve been testing raw beet juice for erections for the last several weeks and the test has gone extremely well, to say the least.

I had been using dry beet root juice powder from Amazon that you mix up with water and drink.

This provided some erection benefits, but the raw beet juice has outclassed the powdered stuff by a country mile.

This all started when I finally broke down and bought this juicer after seeing my buddy tear through three large beets, greens and all….in about 30 seconds.

He rides with a big pack of cyclists on the weekends and has been using beet juice for endurance, and he swears he spends more time at the front of the pack when he drinks it before a ride.

He gave me about a cup of the stuff, which I drank before I left his house.

When I got home I went for my usual evening walk, which usually takes about 30 minutes and I wound up walking for more than 90 minutes, because I wanted to.

Chalk one up for the endurance claim.

But what about the ability of this raw beet juice to spike nitric oxide and fuel hard erections?

As mentioned, the powdered beets did have an impact but this pure raw beet juice is an entirely different animal.

The nitrates in beets are converted into the erection boosting gas, Nitric Oxide, by the bacteria on your tongue (source).

And I knew from my reading that this gas peaked about 3 hours after eating a food high in nitrates, so I hunted down my better half just after my walk and put it to the test.

I won’t get into details, but let’s just say the news was good (flagpole).

I’m tempted to go a long diatribe about all the benefits of beets, but I think I’ll just give you a brief rundown, then give you the exact protocol I’ve settled on.

Here we go….

Raw Beet Root Juice Benefits


In one beet root juice trial, Systolic blood pressure dropped by 10.4 mm and Diastolic blood pressure dropped by 8 mm 2 1/2 hours after the subjects drank the juice (source).

The beet juice also reduced endothelial dysfunction in the subjects.

This means it protected the inner lining of the blood vessels and improved their ability to dilate….which is exactly what you want to happen when you’re attempting to rack up wood.

In another trial, ingestion of beet juice reduced the amount of oxygen used by cyclists when peddling for an extended time at a moderately intensive pace.

When compared to the controls who were given black currant juice, which looks the same, but is low in nitrates, the beet guys used 19% less oxygen.

They also had substantially higher plasma nitrite concentrations and were able to exercise 16% longer before reaching exhaustion.

(head nod to my buddy Eric)

Beetroot juice also contains several other active compounds, including betaine and metabolically active polyphenols that have a positive impact on cardiovascular health.

The betaxanthins in beets, which give it it’s dark red/purple color, have actually been used in trials to treat cardiovascular disease with success.

They’ve also been shown to improve exercise performance in patients with pre existing peripheral artery disease.

And remember, anytime you improve cardiovascular health, you improve your ability to get an erection, because erections rely on blood flow, which is pumped by your heart and delivered by your vascular system.

Anyway, enough of the science…

Let’s get into the exact protocol I’ve been using, which has given me noticeably stronger erections, and elevated sex drive to boot (yup).

Here we go….

How To Use Raw Beet Juice For Erections

First off, it’s important that you start slow with raw beet juice, otherwise you’ll spend half your day running back and forth to the bathroom (trust me on this).

I’d suggest starting off with one juiced beet at first, then working your way up from there.

In the trial mentioned above, the subjects were given 1/2 liter of beet juice a day.

After an adjustment period I’ve settled on one pint myself, split between two doses…a half pint first thing in the morning and the other late in the afternoon.

But I need to warn you…

Avoid dosing late at night because this stuff brings on the energy, and you’ll find yourself outside ripping trees out of the ground at midnight if you drink it too late.

I drink mine no later than 5 pm.

Raw Celery Juice And Beet Juice For Erections

I’ve been making my drink with a mix of about 25% celery juice, so I’m actually only drinking about 3/4 of a pint of pure beet juice a day.

I added the celery juice because I wanted some sex drive to go along with my hard wood, and the celery has definitely been delivering the goods.

Celery contains the plant hormone androsterone, one of the most potent male pheromones.

According to research, androsterone makes a man more sexually attractive to women and you’ll notice that you take on a more pungent body odor once you start drinking it.

Androsterone also elevates mood and works well as an anti-depressant.

Trails on its effectiveness as a sex booster are limited, but according to my one man trail, the stuff definitely does work.

I’ve noticed a strong correlation between development of pungent body odor and increased motivation for sex…so in my book the link is clear.

So if you try this and you could use a little more sex motivation, make sure you add 25 percent celery juice to your mix.

How to Make Raw Beet Root Juice


I need to warn you, this protocol is more of a hassle than any of my others. It takes time, it can be messy and you need to do it on most days to gain the benefits.

Here’s how I’ve reduced the hassle factor myself…

I went to the kitchen section in Walmart and purchased four 1 pint canning jars, which cost me a whopping $3.98.

Once a day, I juice 2 pints of this beet-celery juice mix. I then drink a half pint immediately and save the other half for my second dose.

My wife drinks the other pint and I suggest you put your girl on the plan as well, because women get many of the same benefits we do.

I made a deal with her that I’ll juice and she’ll clean up afterwords, which reduces the workload by 50%.

If you’re juicing just for one, I’d recommend the juicer I linked to at the top of this article.

But when juicing for two, you’ll have to stop and clean out the pulp at least once in order to make 2 full pints.

In retrospect, I wish I would have gone for this larger model, which would eliminate the need to stop and clear out the pulp once while juicing.

One more thing…

It’s important that you fill the jar of juice all the way to the top to prevent oxygen from oxidizing the juice. So after you drink the first half, add a bit of water to take it all the way to the top to keep the air out.

Hardcore juicers say fresh juice must be drunk immediately, but I have noticed no loss in potency when following the suggestions above.

As a quick side note, this stuff does great things to your skin and will actually give you a bit of a pseudo tan after you’ve been at it for a few days.

You can enhance this tan effect by adding a carrot to the mix, which will give your skin a nice warm, yellowish-brown tone.


I’d also suggest that you take your juice with a small amount of olive or coconut oil to increase absorption of the beta carotene and other fat soluble compounds found inside these juices.

And if you have diabetes or blood sugar issues, you should juice the beet greens and stalks instead of the roots, because they contain the same beneficial compounds without all the sugar.

So there you have it.

Start using beet juice for erections yourself, and you’ll feel better, have lower blood pressure, better cardiovascular health and if you add celery to the mix…more sex drive to boot.

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