Goji Berries and Erectile Dysfunction

Today I want to share what I’ve learned about goji berries and erectile dysfunction. These bright orange-red berries are native to China, but are cultivated in many temperate climates around the world.


They’ve been used by traditional cultures as a longevity drug that helps with everything from circulatory problems, to acute fevers, to age-related issues like glaucoma…and erectile dysfunction.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, or a miracle cure, but when it comes to erectile dysfunction and goji berries, it’s clear they offer some unique ED benefits not found in your average fruit.

Goji Berries Increase Human Growth Hormone

Remember how just about every Olympics, some athlete gets accused of using human growth hormone to enhance his or her performance? That’s because boosting your natural levels of HGH gives you an unfair advantage in sports. And in the bedroom.

Goji berries have been shown to increase secretion of HGH by the pineal and pituitary glands. Besides its role in athletic performance, HGH helps to balance a wide array of the hormones responsible for increasing sexual performance. 

Goji Berries Boost Testosteronegoji-berries-and-ED

Regular readers of my blog already know this part, but higher testosterone means a more active libido and better ability to achieve and maintain erections.

It’s one of the core hormones for male sexual health, and the better your body produces it, the less trouble you’ll have keeping your “spirits up” in the sack.

Research on testosterone production in animals at the University of Hong Kong found that 1mg per kg of bodyweight daily of the lyceum barb arum polysaccharide found in goji berry extracts had a direct impact on the release of stress-related compounds that inhibit testosterone production (source).

The rats experienced an increase in how often they attempted sex, had sex, and successfully ejaculated. Robust human testing is still in the future, but anecdotal and related evidence strongly suggest humans experience similar results.

Goji Berries Are Anti-Estrogenic

True, mens’ bodies need estrogen just like they need testosterone. It’s part of how your body stays balanced and functioning…but they don’t need as much as women’s bodies do, and too much can reduce your libido and sexual health.

A range of studies on the same lyceum barbarum poly saccharide linked to increased testosterone production is linked to reduced production of estrogen. As a bonus, researchers at the Strang Cancer Prevention Center have found it also reduces the active estrogen estradiol count, a factor associated with several forms of cancer.

Goji Berries Protect Your Testicles

Your penis may be the star of the erectile dysfunction show, but without the support of what goes on with your testicles, there’s no star for him to show in. A pair of studies on goji berries have determined that they not only help your main member stand at attention directly, they also protect your testicles from sex-life-threatening dangers.

  • A 2013 study in Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that compounds found in goji berries not only prevent, but can actually reduce atrophy in male reproductive organs caused by exposure the toxin BPA, bringing libido and fertility to near-normal levels after just seven days of treatment.
  • Hyperthermia damage to testicles (reduced function due to overheating), was healed in 33 of 42 men after two months of treatment in a clinical trial at a Chinese university. Sperm from the successful subjects had increased in count and motility and similar results were reported in earlier trials on animals (source).

The great news about both of these findings is how goji berries can reverse damage – not just protect “the boys” from mistakes or accidents that happened long before erectile problems became part of your life.

Goji Berries Improve Sexual Function

Besides the (admittedly clinical and a little boring) medical applications of goji berries and erectile dysfunction, the fruit has been used as an aphrodisiac for millennia across multiple cultures.

It started with the common assumption that red fruits that looked like erogenous zones were associated with sex drive and horniness, but in the case of goji berry the impact went beyond simple association:

  • They’re rich in libido boosting vitamins not often found in fruits, including B1, B2 and E
  • The berries have been proven repeatedly to aid the body’s adrenal system, which controls the production of many male sex hormones
  • They are unusually rich in Vitamin A, which is particularly important to circulatory health, which is in turn vitally important to erectile health
  • An unusually high count of several vital minerals as compared to other fruits makes goji berries excellent for maintaining the general health and vitality necessary to enjoy a fully active sex life
  • Goji berries increase your production of superoxide dismutase (SOD), another compound directly related to circulatory health

Goji berries aren’t just on the aphrodisiac list because of their good looks, folks. They’re the real deal.

Goji Berries and Erectile Dysfunction – Conclusion:

One thousand years of old wives’ tales can’t be 100% wrong, especially when those old wives were kept happy by their men. Goji berries can help you attack your erectile dysfunction problem on more than one front, and are worth adding to your arsenal in that fight.

They’re available dried or as extracts from a variety of sources, and some local markets in America have begun carrying them fresh. Look for them under the name goji berry, or wolfberry, or the very telling name “Matrimony Vine.”

Goji berries do not have any serious side effects on their own, but some of their curative traits can interact dangerously with pharmaceuticals designed to do the same thing.

Those on prescription blood thinners, diabetes drugs and blood pressure meds should check with a doctor before taking on a goji berries and erectile dysfunction regimen.




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Article edited by Mark Wilson. Mark currently owns 5 sites in the men's sexual health niche and has published more than 5,000 articles and blog posts on dozens of websites all over the world wide web.

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