Does Curcumin Boost Erections?


My friend keeps telling me that curcumin can boost erections and make my sex life better. 

I’m not even sure what curcumin is, let alone how it can help with my sexual health.

What’s the skinny? Can it help me with my erectile dysfunction?


Hello Davey, Jason Brick here,

Curcumin is one of the more obscure of the natural remedies for erectile dysfunction. It’s also potentially one of the most effective. [Read more…]

Vitamin D For Erections

You should use vitamin D for erections if you’re deficient in
this important fat soluble vitamin, which most of us are.vitamin-d-for-erections

And I use the term vitamin loosely, because D acts more like a pro-hormone than a vitamin in the body.

This may explain why Olympic athletes, going way back to the 1920’s and continuing until today, use sunlamps to boost D levels prior to competition.

But what about erections?  How does vitamin D impact your ability achieve hard wood? [Read more…]

Yohimbe Erections

Yohimbe erections come at a price because side effects are almost impossible to avoid with this supplement.


Because yohimbe fires up the sympathetic nervous system, which boosts norepinephrine and epinephrine (adrenaline) in the blood stream.

And this adrenaline rush largely explains the caffeine like side effects yohimbe bark brings on after you take it (source).

And sure, you can cut the dose down to minimize these side effects, but the lower you go dosage wise, the lower the potential erection benefits.

In the most telling yohimbe trial less than 1/3 of the controls experienced a boost in wood performance, and only at high dosages….

yohimbe-erections [Read more…]

He Shou Wu For Erections

Can you use He Shou Wu For Erections?  You sure can.

I’ve tested many ED supplements and He Shou Wu ranks right up there at the top as an erection enhancer.

We’ve tried to provide as much science as possible in this article to back this claim up, but like many natural herbs, studies on He Shou Wu are lacking because it can’t be patented.

And no patents means no study funding because the profit potential isn’t there.

But we do have a bit of science, the most compelling of which demonstrates the herbs ability to impact dopamine levels in the body.

And if you decide to test He Shou Wu, you’ll actually feel this dopamine when the supplement hits you just right.


Your mood will improve, reward and pleasure seeking will increase….as will your ability to achieve an erection.

And if you decide to use that erection you’ll see the intensity AND volume of your ejaculations go up quite dramatically.

So if you test He Shou Wu yourself, look for these things, and if they hit you several hours after taking it, you’ll know you’re on the right track.

Now here’s Jason Brick with much more detail on this supplement.


[Read more…]

Omega 3 Fish Oil For Erections

This article on omega 3 fish oil for erections was written by site contributor, David Janes.

Before I pass you over to David I want to clarify a few things.

First, if you’ve been eating too many omega 6 fats from soybean oil, corn oil, safflower oil, etc, etc…

You’ve very likely created a pro-inflammatory state in your system, which may be contributing to your erectile dysfunction.

omega-fish-oil-for-erections [Read more…]

Cayenne Pepper and Erectile Dysfunction


(Guest Post By Jason Brick)

We’re going to talk about cayenne pepper and erectile dysfunction in this post….

We spend a lot of time on this blog telling you about obscure herbal treatments and supplements that can help increase your libido and virility.

They’re proven techniques, and many have been known for their effects for thousands of years in the regions where they grow naturally.

Today I’m going to tell you about a natural ED treatment you already know and probably love: Cayenne Pepper.

This popular seasoning, and its active ingredient capsaicin, can heat things up in more than just the kitchen (if you know what I mean.) [Read more…]

OTC ED Pills

Erection Pills That Really Work!

(by Jason Brick)

Sure, men with erectile dysfunction can go to the doc and get a little blue pill to try to fix the problem….


Or you can spend a fraction of the cost and suffer none of the side effects by opting for OTC ED pills available online or at your neighborhood supplement shop.

The stuff in these small, all-natural packages can do great things for a man’s package, and can help with yours too. [Read more…]