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Reduce Refractory Period Naturally


If you’re looking to reduce refractory period naturally, keep in mind… It only takes 5-30 minutes for a healthy man in his 20’s to reload and go again after climaxing. In older men, this recovery period can range between 20 minutes and several hours. If you hit these benchmarks….

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Pomegranate Juice for Stronger Erections

pomegranite juice for stronger erections

This pomegranate juice for stronger erections article was written by frequent site contributor, Jason Brick. I asked him write this article after testing fresh pomegranate juice for several weeks on my new juicer which I’ve been using to juice beets. After testing this stuff I’m sold on it’s ability to impact not only erectile function, […]

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Random Erections


Random erections, spontaneous boners, surprise woodies… Call them whatever you want, just make sure that you never lose them… If you want to have a vibrant sex life, that is. Because random hard-ons are like a neon sign advertising your reproductive health and sexual fitness. And once they start to fade, your desire and your ability to take care […]

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Supplements That Boost Nitric Oxide


Some things offer you a win-win situation. Boosting the level of nitric oxide in your body by eating certain foods and using supplements that boost NO can improve brain and heart health and help you get better, longer-lasting erections. What could be better?

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Pycnogenol and Arginine


From The Mailbag, Hi, I have a question, Can Pycnogenol and Arginine be used to treat Erectile Dysfunction? Thanks, DJ Hello DJ, Jason Brick here, Thanks for your question. You might be surprised how many emails we get asking the same question about these natural supplements. The short answer is simple: they sure can! The […]

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Nitric Oxide Foods


25 Nitrate Rich Foods, Ranked So, you’ve recently been having some issues with your erection. Before you let the panic set in, take a deep breath. Making a decision out of fear is no way to live your life. Resist the urge to run off to your doctor at the first sign of trouble. Today, […]

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Garlic And Erectile Dysfunction


I came across a forum thread about garlic and vitamin C and how these two supplements, when combined together… Can be used to treat erectile dysfunction. So I decided to test this out myself, and after dosing up one night, several good things began to happen almost immediately.

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Natural PDE5 Inhibitors


OTC Impotence Supplements Natural PDE5 Inhibitors block the breakdown of cGMP inside the corpus cavernous tissue of the penis making it possible for a man with ED to get an erection. Viagra, Levitra and Cialis do the same thing, but they use a more blunt force approach that can lead to negative side effects. Natural Inhibitors, […]

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Foods To Fight ED


Foods That Enhance Erections, Naturally When using foods to fight ED your primary goal should be to add items into your diet that increase Nitric Oxide (NO). Why? Because NO relaxes the blood vessels leading into your penis, and it’s this relaxation that allows your vessels to vasodialate, open up and expand. When everything is working right

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Erection Supplements


7 Herbs That Fire Up Hard Wood!  If you start cycling erection supplements the right way, you’re going to change your situation quickly. And what I men by this is, if your sex drive is down and your erections are faltering, these herbs can transform your life, almost overnight. Assuming – and this is a very important […]

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