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Natural Vasodilators For Harder Erections

This natural vasodilators article was written by site contributor, David Janes.

As you’ll see when you read it, he recommends citrulline supplements over watermelon because supps are a more concentrated source of citrulline.

I believe both can be effective, but I’ve actually had better luck with juiced watermelon than I have with citrulline supplements.

But only if I juice the white part of the melon right next to the rind, because this is where most of the citrulline can be found.

Take a look at the pic below and you’ll clearly see the white part I’m talking about…

natural vasodilators-watermelon

I’d suggest you test watermelon (including the white) before you try supplements because the melon has several other nutrients not found in citrulline supplements.Continue reading

Apple Cider Vinegar For Erections

I’ve heard from several men who have used apple cider vinegar for erections. Some have had wild success…but others, not so much.

After a bit of digging around and some self-testing, I’m pretty sure I know why this all-around health tonic works for some men and not for others: It all depends on your baseline health to begin with!


In other words, if you have metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, elevated glucose levels or you’re overweight, ACV may help your ED situation.

But if you’re already in supreme metabolic shape and don’t have a string of health problems, the impact may be minimal.

So let’s take a deeper look into apple cider vinegar for erections and see if it can be of any benefit to you.Continue reading

Maca Root For Erections

Guest Post by David Janesmaca-root-for-erections

Have you heard about the potential benefits of maca root for erections?

Ancient Peruvians knew all about it. They used maca root to treat all kinds of medical conditions.

But what about maca root for erections?Continue reading

Back Pain And Erectile Dysfunction

Guest Post By RD Jaynesback-pain-and-erectile-dysfunction

When your back hurts, you don’t feel like having sex. Not only that, but in many men there’s also a link between back pain and erectile dysfunction.

As a matter of fact, several sources of back pain can cause ED, including…

  • Tight hip flexors
  • Pinched nerves
  • Herniated discs

Continue reading