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Have you heard about the potential benefits of maca root for erections?

Ancient Peruvians knew all about it. They used maca root to treat all kinds of medical conditions.

But what about maca root for erections?

Maca is a cruciferous vegetable — similar to cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage — that’s been used in South America for centuries.

Incan warriors used maca root to pump up for battle but were forced to give it up when the war was over to protect their women from its powerful libido-boosting effects.

But is it the best choice for you?

Let’s focus on what we know about this powerful, but often misunderstood vegetable root that’s available in supplement form.

Maca Root Boosts Sex Drive

If you were an Incan soldier or anyone who grew up through the centuries in the Andes of Peru, you wouldn’t need convincing that there’s something special about maca.

And research has proven some of its benefits. One group of researchers found that sperm health and motility is increased in subjects taking maca root.

Another study in 2001, published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, found that sexual function is significantly increased when powdered maca root is taken.

The study was conducted on 60 rats, but rat bodies have proven to mimic human bodies many times before.

The results showed significantly more sexual activity in the rats given the root than in the control group.

There are plenty of men, however, who don’t need convincing about the impact of maca root on libido.

They’ve experienced it for themselves.

But strong libido and the ability to get and maintain an erection aren’t exactly the same thing — although they are certainly related.

If you have ED, there’s no direct research that proves for certain you can treat it with maca, but we do have some clues that it may have a positive impact.

Maca Root Shrinks The Prostate

It’s known that an enlarged prostate can cause erectile dysfunction, and there is some evidence that maca root can shrink the prostate.

There are also some indications that it may have a positive impact on hormone receptors, making your hormones work better…without boosting actually boosting these hormones.

This may partially explain it’s beneficial impact on the prostate, as enlargement of this gland is often hormonally driven.

And here’s something crucial: we know that all cruciferous veggies have glucosinolates that may shrink the prostate and even help prevent prostate cancer.

And we also know that maca root has more of those glucosinolates than many other cruciferous veggies, so that’s a very strong indication that it can help shrink an oversized and unhealthy prostate, perhaps leading to better erections.

Maca May Improve Blood Circulation

There are also strong indications that maca can improve blood circulation. So many ED problems relate to poor blood flow, so that’s a really encouraging concept.

Remember those ancient Peruvians and how they used maca for just about everything? It made them feel better, many experts believe, by increasing blood flow throughout the entire body.

So they used — and continue to use — maca for several things that are related to better blood flow:

-Conquering depression
-Elevating mental agility
-Improving stamina
-Boosting energy
-Battling male menopause
-Balancing hormones
-Increasing sperm production
-Dealing with stress

And yes, boosting male sexual health, including the ability to get and sustain erections, is among the many benefits Peruvians believe they get from maca root.

Maca Root Side Effects

But not so fast.

Maca root may actually have some side effects that might make you think twice before using it.

One of them is that it can act like estrogen.

The medical website WebMD warns to limit maca root use if you have a condition that can be made worse by excess estrogen.

And ED can be made worse by excess estrogen.

You also shouldn’t take maca root for erections or anything else if you have any cancer impacted by estrogen.

Aside from the estrogen issue, however, maca root has been taken for centuries by humans and livestock and is very well tolerated.

Maca Root Dosage:

Because of it’s possible impact on estrogen, high doses of maca root for men are not recommended.

(It can actually help menopause, sexual issues and other conditions in women, and they can tolerate higher doses.)

I recommend not taking more than 3 grams at each dosage to avoid potential side effects, including increased estrogen in the body.

The key is to take enough for a positive impact without reaching a dosage that will bring on side effects for you.

Long term usage can also increase the risk that you’ll develop tolerance to maca root.

Taking this supplement then cycling to a different erection herb or dietary supplement will help you avoid this issue.

Maca Root For Erections – Conclusion:

So what’s the bottom line on maca root for Erections?

I have to admit that I’m not completely convinced enough is known about maca to make it my first choice for getting better erections.

Sure, it’s absolutely true that maca root may help mild ED somewhat. And it’s also true that you may feel a boost to your sex drive and in other areas of your life if you take it.

So for mild ED, it may be of some benefit, but for severe ED, it’s probably not your best bet.

But when used in combination with other supplements — as part of a cycling program it may make more sense.

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