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Mucuna Pruriens For Erections


Men have been using Mucuna Pruriens for erections for hundreds of years.  Why? Because of it’s incredible sexual enhancing properties. It’s been used to stimulate neurotransmitter production, to help address mental disorders like Parkinson’s Disease…. To promote human growth hormone and to help athletes reach new levels of excellence. And of course, it has a long history of […]

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Opioid Pain Killers and Erectile Dysfunction


This opioid pain killers and erectile dysfunction article was written by guest author, Jason Brick. Inside he discusses how opiates…. Reduce Libido Lower Sex Hormones Cause blatant erectile dysfunction Read on for all the details….

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Cell Phone Radiation and Erectile Dysfunction


Why are we talking about cell phone radiation and erectile dysfunction? Because all men should be doing their best to look after their sexual health. It’s good for you when you’re in the bedroom and it keeps you fit and healthy when you’re not. But one thing might be undoing all the healthy eating and gym sessions […]

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Shock Wave Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction


Thinking about using shock wave therapy for erectile dysfunction? This guest post by David Jaynes has all the details… Shock wave therapy sounds a little bit like something from a 1950s mental hospital. Real One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest stuff. But in reality, it’s a natural, non-invasive medical treatment for everything from kidney stones to […]

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Cordyceps Mushrooms For Erections


  Hailing from the high, cold Himalayas and grown on the back of caterpillars, Cordyceps mushrooms are definitely one of the more bizarre natural ED cures out there. But don’t let their weirdness, well, weird you out. Cordyceps mushrooms carry loads of health benefits like their ability to fight free radicals, disease, and liver damage. […]

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Vitamin E for Erectile Dysfunction


If you’re looking to use vitamin E for erectile dysfunction, keep in mind… Almost all E made today is extracted from soybean oil. And if you’ve read any of my material in the past… You already know I’m not a big fan of soy. Fortunately, a few companies have perfected the E extraction process… Where […]

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Acupuncture and Erectile Dysfunction


This acupuncture and erectile dysfunction post was written by guest author, David Jaynes. And I need to mention something before I send you over to David… He and I both analyzed the study mentioned in the article, but our takes on it are slightly different. I personally believe that the placebo effect was minimal in this trial, […]

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Pheromones and erections


Pheromones won’t turn you into an erection machine overnight… But they can provide you with a little boost. For example, Androsterone is a human pheromone that has been studied more than any other. And its been proven that this agent reduces estrogen and also works as an androgen, with about 1/7th the strength of testosterone. It also […]

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High Blood Pressure and Weak Erections


(Written by David Jaynes) Do you have high blood pressure and weak erections? If so, the fix isn’t too complicated, simply bring your blood pressure back into line. This is important because high blood pressure can lead to serious to erection problems… Especially once you add in the drugs that big pharma pushes to “cure it”. Here’s why you need to […]

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Morning Wood Sex


Morning wood sex… Three words any man suffering with ED should keep in mind. Why? Because the more often you use your erections, the more erections you’re going to get. In other words, if you take your morning wood and put it to use, you’ll be much more likely to achieve another erection later that […]

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