Get Your Morning Wood Back, Naturally

Depression and Erectile Dysfunction


(Depression and Erectile Dysfunction, by David Jaynes) When you’re suffering depression, either acute or chronic, sex is probably the last thing on your mind. But the scary thing is, even if it was on your mind, you might not be able to do anything about it. Why? Because there’s evidence that depression can cause erectile […]

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How to Reduce Penile Plaque


(How to Reduce Penile Plaque, written by David Jaynes) Plaque is never a good thing, especially when it’s preceded by the word…Penile. Penile plaque, for those who don’t know, is when plaque builds up in and around the blood vessels to your penis, causing them to narrow. This blocks the passage of blood into your penis, […]

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Mint and Testosterone


(Guest Post, written by David Jaynes) Mint tea might help you warm up in winter or sooth a sore throat when you’re sick, but it might not be worth the pain. Mint and testosterone have a bit of a chequered past, with studies indicating that consuming mint reduces men’s testosterone levels. This article is going […]

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Allergies and Erectile Dysfunction


Allergies can do more than just give you the sniffles. There’s a growing body of evidence that allergies can actually cause erectile dysfunction. What’s more, the very medication that big pharma pushes to eradicate your allergies might be contributing to your ED.   This article is going to outline how allergies reduce sexual function, how […]

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Teeth and ED


Beyond taking some breath mints if you go crazy on the garlic bread, you might not think that teeth and ED have much to do with each other. But you’d be wrong. There’s a growing body of evidence that periodontitis, or gum disease, is linked to erectile dysfunction. Taking care of your teeth might just […]

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Magnesium for Erectile Dysfunction


(Magnesium for Erectile Dysfunction, written by David Jaynes) The good news for men with ED is, there are a ton of supplements out there that will supposedly help fix your ED. The bad news for men with ED is, there are so many options it’s hard to decide which supplements actually work. The worse news for […]

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Tribulus Terrestris for Erectile Dysfunction


(Tribulus Terrestris for Erectile Dysfunction, by David Jaynes) If you search deep enough and long enough on the web, you can find a blog post or forum post recommending taking pretty much any substance to cure pretty much any ill. That’s why some of my posts here examine the claims of how one treatment or […]

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Oysters and Erections

oysters and erections

(Oysters and Erections, written by David Jaynes) Okay. This one isn’t exactly news. Folks have been eating oysters as an aphrodisiac for a really long time. This all started back in the days of the “Doctrine of Signatures,”… An idea from back in the day when people assumed every plant and animal was custom made […]

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Nofap No Morning Wood


(Nofap No Morning Wood, written By David Jaynes) Sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better. Ask any recovering drug addict about withdrawal if you have any doubts about that. It’s no different with a porn addiction. Too much fapping to porn, especially the hardcore stuff, leads to a “dead stick” in […]

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Cordyceps and Testosterone

(Cordyceps and Testosterone, written by David Jaynes) Whaddayaget when you cross a fungus with an insect? Cordyceps. This is not a joke… Traditional healers have used it to treat everything from energy and stamina, to libido, to appetite, to sleep problems. Don’t let its nickname “killer fungus” fool you. It only slowly kills and turns into zombies when […]

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