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Penis Food

I titled this post Penis Food because men hit up my site every
day after typing this exact phrase into google.penis-food

And I see this as a good thing.

Because these guys are obviously looking for something other than a prescription from Walgreens to get back on track, which is the way it should be done.

Before I send you over to David and his list of 5 penis foods, I want to add one more thing to the list.

Foods high in fat soluble vitamins! 

And why these?

Because fat soluble vitamins are needed to keep the plaque out of your arteries and to prevent your blood from clotting.

Your testicles also need them in order to manufacture testosterone and nitric oxide, so its essential that you consume enough of these vital nutrients.

And remember…

Foods that are high in fat soluble vitamins are also usually high in other erection / hormone boosting nutrients

Take pastured egg yolks, butter or grassfed beef, for example.

These foods not only contain the fat soluables A, K, D and E, but they’re also rich sources of selenium, zinc, choline, pantothenic acid and more.

Not only that, but these nutrients are easily absorbed by the human digestive system when packaged in whole foods instead of supplements, especially the fat solubles.


Because fat soluble vitamins cannot be absorbed unless you add fat to the equation, which is why they’re called fat soluble.

Supplements don’t typically give you this, but whole foods definitely do.

So my suggestion is, eat at least one meal a day that contains a food high in these fat solubles so your body has plenty of these powerhouse nutrients to work with.

Here’s a list of some excellent sources:

  • Grassfed Beef
  • Mackerel Sashimi
  • Pastured Egg Yolks
  • Chicken or Beef Liver
  • Fresh Tuna or Sardines
  • Fresh Cream Or Butter

Now here’s David with more….

Penis Food! 5 Foods That Will Make You Harder

Erectile dysfunction can really get you down in more ways than one, but did you know that there’s penis food out there that can actually help you get erections, and have a better sex life?

When you have ED, not being able to get and maintain an erection is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

Erectile problems can cause depression – which can lead to heart attack, stroke and other stress-related problems – and can lead to the end of an otherwise healthy and fulfilling relationship.

If you have ED, you need to take action to resolve the problem before things spiral out of control. Solving the problem may take more than one approach, but doing nothing will likely mean the problem simply gets worse.

So why not start with some small changes? 

A little penis food might just be part of the solution for you, especially if you take steps to avoid foods that may actually cause your boy to atrophy.

Let’s take a look at a few of these pro-penis foods now…

1: Tomatoes & Olive Oil

Simple enough, right? Just have some tomatoes drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and get relief from your erectile dysfunction symptoms.

It just might work.

The idea behind this penis food combination is that the olive oil improves the absorption of the useful lycopene found in tomatoes.

That’s what research published in Spanish by Madrid Urological Institute found when studying 40 Spanish men with ED who were over age 50.

After three months, half the men reported having better erections after taking 20 milliliters of organic extra virgin olive oil with 8 milligrams of tomato lycopene.

Lycopene is already known to be an important vasodilator that increases the release of nitric oxide and improves blood flow all over the body, not just in the penis.

Recent research by the journal European Urology seems to support lycopene’s role in helping ED symptoms and other conditions.

Lycopene is also found in other red and orange foods, like:

  •  Carrots
  •  Watermelons
  •  Papayas
  • Red Cabbage
  • Mangos

2: Cherries

Cherries contain erection-boosting pigments called anthocyanins.

These are what give cherries get their dark red color, and they also happen to help arteries and veins stay naturally elastic.

That can help you get better blood flow to your penis, get a better erection and keep it long enough to have sex any way you want.

Talk about penis foods!

If you’re into putting a little whipped cream on your partner from time to time, don’t forget to put a few cherries on top as well.

So what exactly do anthocyanins do? It turns out that they:

  • Speed up the healing of blood vessels
  • Prevent lagging of blood flowing to the penis
  • Reduce the possibility of blood clotting
  • Help with preventing strokes and heart attacks
  • Keep dangerous plaque out of the bloodstream

And cooking the cherries doesn’t destroy the benefit of these pigments as it does some other natural chemicals and nutrients.

So why not bake a cherry pie?

Don’t like cherries? There’s info from the International Journal of Impotence Research that says pomegranate juice might do the trick too – for the same reasons (source).

3: Watermelon Juice

We’ve already told you that watermelons contain lycopene just as erection-boosting tomatoes do…

But did you know that watermelons and refreshing watermelon juice contain citrulline, a substance that can boost production of the amino acid arginine which relaxes and dilates your blood vessels?

Dilated blood vessels mean better, harder and longer-lasting erections.

An animal study written up in the Journal of Sexual Medicine states that citrulline – like that found in watermelon taken in a supplement form – is a “novel therapy” for ED (source).

If you can’t find watermelon juice at your grocery store, all you have to do is chop watermelon flesh into large chunks and run then through a blender.

Just make sure you include the white part of the rind just below the green outer shell because that’s where the melon stores most of the citrulline.

Even the small white seeds can be blended, but you’ll have to take the dark ones out before blending.

4: Wild Salmon

Salmon, as you may have been hearing for years now, is very high in beneficial omega 3 fatty acids…fats that enhance arterial health, elasticity and flexibility.

And you need this elasticity and flexibility to achieve a high quality erection.

Choose wild salmon for the greatest health benefits and the fewest negative environmental consequences.

In centuries past, men like you would have eaten a lot of seafood and other things that contained plenty of omega 3 fatty acids.

As a matter of fact, before the introduction of the industrial food complex, humans ate just as many omega 3 fats as less-healthy omega 6 fats.

But most of us don’t eat much fresh fish anymore – and if we do, it’s fried fish.

When you fry fish, you add omega 6 acids which block omega 3s – plus the kinds of fish most people fry don’t have many omega 3 fatty acids anyway.

Today, most of our dietary fat comes from vegetable oils.

A study in the American Journal of Clinic Nutrition talks about just how much veggie oil we’re getting – and it isn’t a pleasant story (source).

5: Pistachios

Did you know that eating some pistachios every day could help increase blood flow through your penis and result in firmer, better erections?

It’s possible, and it’s proven by research.

Like many antioxidants, pistachios can have a great impact on your erections because of their vasodilating effect. They’re good penis food, just as the other four things mentioned in this article.

In the case of pistachios, it’s largely arginine that has the positive impact once again.

Details in the Journal of Impotence Research show that just 100 grams of pistachios can help with ED and help blood lipids and other health measurements too (source).


We’re not saying that you can completely resolve erectile dysfunction with just one or two small dietary changes.

But over time and as part of an overall program that includes a healthier lifestyle, erection supplements and better eating, these five penis foods can make a positive difference in your erectile health and your life as a whole.

If life has gotten you down and your circumstances are making it hard for you to get up and stay that way, penis foods like these may be part of the solution.

Especially if you avoid eating or drinks foods that contain this.

About the Author Mark

Article edited by Mark Wilson. Mark currently owns 5 sites in the men's sexual health niche and has published more than 5,000 articles and blog posts on dozens of websites all over the world wide web.

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