He Shou Wu For Erections

Can you use He Shou Wu For Erections?  You sure can.

I’ve tested many ED supplements and He Shou Wu ranks right up there at the top as an erection enhancer.

We’ve tried to provide as much science as possible in this article to back this claim up, but like many natural herbs, studies on He Shou Wu are lacking because it can’t be patented.

And no patents means no study funding because the profit potential isn’t there.

But we do have a bit of science, the most compelling of which demonstrates the herbs ability to impact dopamine levels in the body.

And if you decide to test He Shou Wu, you’ll actually feel this dopamine when the supplement hits you just right.


Your mood will improve, reward and pleasure seeking will increase….as will your ability to achieve an erection.

And if you decide to use that erection you’ll see the intensity AND volume of your ejaculations go up quite dramatically.

So if you test He Shou Wu yourself, look for these things, and if they hit you several hours after taking it, you’ll know you’re on the right track.

Now here’s Jason Brick with much more detail on this supplement.


He Shou Wu For Erections – Part 2

What’s green and leafy and might help with everything from greying hair to erectile dysfunction?

He Shou Wu. Or fallopian multiflora. Or tuber fleeceflower. Or Chinese knotweed. Or Fo Ti.

It goes by a number of names, but it’s all the same plant and supplement.

It’s a species of buckwheat originally occurring in central and south China, but now growable pretty much anywhere with a similar climate.

The indigenous people of China have been using it as a men’s health tonic since before there was a China. With the wise rediscovery of traditional medicine in the west, men are starting to turn to it for erectile health and function.

Let’s take a quick look at why.

He Shou Wu Enhances Erections

There are two mechanics behind He Shou Wu that enhance erectile strength and health: nitric oxide production and endothelial health.

The smooth muscles in and around your penis must relax in order for blood to flow in so you can achieve an erection.

Nitric oxide is the chief agent responsible for that relaxation. Insufficient NO production by your body can make it hard for you to…um…get hard. Boosted production makes it easier.


Endothelial cells line the interior surface of blood vessels, and their health roughly mirrors general vascular health. As you’ve seen over and over again in this blog, your erectile health depends on blood flow.

Healthy blood flow comes from good vascular health. Therefore, healthy endothelial cells = healthy erections. Unhealthy endothelial cells = well, you know.

As it turns out, He Shou Wu has been found to boost nitric oxide production in most test subjects when taken as a supplement.

Its anti-aging properties are linked with cellular health, including endothelial cells. The combination of these two factors makes it a powerhouse for erectile and sexual health.

He Shou Wu Boosts Dopamine

The presence of dopamine in your body is largely responsible for your desire to have sex, your ability to maintain an erection and your ability to ejaculate.

As a matter of fact, you have dopamine receptors built right inside your penis. And rodent studies have clearly demonstrated that when the dopamine receptors in your penis (and brain) are activated, erections always follow.

In one paper titled Activation of Dopamine D4 Receptors by ABT-724 Induces Penile Erection in Rats, the authors concluded with this….

The present preclinical studies demonstrate that dopamine D4 receptors are involved in the regulation of penile function in mammals (source).

So how does He Shou Wu come into play here?

MAO-B (Monoamine Oxidase-B) is a substance that breaks down dopamine as your body produces it, and the more MAO-B in your system, the harder it is for dopamine to do its job.

Of all herbs studied, He Shou Wu was the most effective for inhibiting production of MAO-B. Less MAO-B means more active dopamine. More active dopamine means stronger erections and a better sex life (source).

He Shou Wu Boosts Testosterone

Testosterone has been linked with male libido and sexual function, and for good reason. Clinical trials across multiple human and animal populations show that its absence reduces libido and interferes with the vasodilation of blood vessels in the penis responsible for erection.

Further studies found a correlation between treatment with supplements known to boost testosterone and increased libido and sexual function.

Zinc is one of the key nutrients responsible for healthy testosterone production, to the degree that a zinc supplementation is a common treatment for hypogonadism (medically reduced function of the gonads).

He Shou Wu is extremely rich in bioavailable zinc, making it a go-to source for this powerhouse nutrient.

He Shou Wu Increases Sperm Count

Nobody really understands all of the hows and whys of what makes for a high or low sperm count.

That being said, science has identified a variety of factors that impact sperm count and health…they just don’t really fully get how it happens.

Folk practitioners have worked via this method for centuries.

They didn’t use clinical trials approved by a commercially-coopted FDA. They watched what happened when people ate different things, and taught each other what they observed.

Though counting  sperm count wasn’t really an option during folk medicine times, folk practitioners throughout China agreed that He Shou Wu increased how much and often a man ejaculated, and how much more fertile that ejaculation was.

There’s a reason it’s been an aphrodisiac and fertility cure since before Westerners even knew China was a place.

He Shou Wu Boosts Superoxide Dismutase

Superoxide dismutase is a powerful antioxidant enzyme that catalyzes conversion of superoxide anions and hydrogen peroxide. It reduces oxidative stress throughout the entire body.

Since oxidative stress is one of the key factors in aging, most researchers believe this is why the herb has been linked with longevity for so many centuries.

Erectile function, especially the health of the tissues responsible for erection, relies on superoxide dismutase because aging and sexual health are so intimately linked.

A controlled study of blood superoxide dismutase gave subjects He Shou Wu extract for 7 months.

At the end of the course, those subjects had superoxide dismutase levels of untreated subjects 1/3 their age. Superoxide dismutase production again dropped sharply after the treatment was discontinued.

He Shou Wu For Erections – Conclusion

Even for people who have no trouble with erections, He Shou Wu has also been linked to liver and kidney health, increasing longevity, slowing greying of hair and baldness, and invigorating the body and mind.

Folks have been taking it for thousands of years to simply promote health and energy.

And if you do need a little help “revving your engine” before or during “race time,” it’s got your back in five different ways.

He Shou Wu is available in a variety of supplement forms and doses. Do be sure to get prepared he shou wu. Unprepared versions have been found to be mildly toxic.

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