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Does Curcumin Boost Erections?


Hello, My friend keeps telling me that curcumin can boost erections and make my sex life better.  I’m not even sure what curcumin is, let alone how it can help with my sexual health. What’s the skinny? Can it help me with my erectile dysfunction? Sincerely, Davey Hello Davey, Jason Brick here, Curcumin is one […]

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Dietary Fat and Erections


I’ve been jacking around with my diet lately, especially my final meal of the day, to test its impact on morning erections. And while I’m not much of a fan of tasteless low fat eating, I am becoming a fan for this particular meal. Why? Because high fat just prior to sack time consistently leads […]

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Penis Food


I titled this post Penis Food because men hit up my site every day after typing this exact phrase into google. And I see this as a good thing. Because these guys are obviously looking for something other than a prescription from Walgreens to get back on track, which is the way it should be […]

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How Bisphenol A Causes Erectile Dysfunction

how-Bisphenol A-causes-erectile-dysfunction

This article about how Bisphenol A causes erectile dysfunction in human males was written by Jason Brick. Before I pass you onto him, I want to mention something not discussed in the article that goes beyond BPA’s negative impact on erections. In 2013 a Chinese scientist by the name of Caili Zhang was trying to […]

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Omega 3 Fish Oil For Erections


This article on omega 3 fish oil for erections was written by site contributor, David Janes. Before I pass you over to David I want to clarify a few things. First, if you’ve been eating too many omega 6 fats from soybean oil, corn oil, safflower oil, etc, etc… You’ve very likely created a pro-inflammatory […]

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Pesticides Erections


We’ve talked at length on this blog about how your environment can impact your ability to achieve and maintain a healthy erection.  Your emotional environment, even without clinical depression and anxiety, can prevent you from getting it up. Your financial or social environments can cause stress and ruin your performance. And several aspects of your […]

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Apple Cider Vinegar For Erections


I’ve heard from several men who have used apple cider vinegar for erections. Some have had wild success…but others, not so much. After a bit of digging around and some self-testing, I’m pretty sure I know why this all-around health tonic works for some men and not for others: It all depends on your baseline health to […]

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Pomegranate Juice for Stronger Erections

pomegranite juice for stronger erections

This pomegranate juice for stronger erections article was written by frequent site contributor, Jason Brick. I asked him write this article after testing fresh pomegranate juice for several weeks on my new juicer which I’ve been using to juice beets. After testing this stuff I’m sold on it’s ability to impact not only erectile function, […]

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Does Alcohol Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

does- alcohol-cause-erectile-dysfunction

One of the most common questions I get is…does alcohol cause erectile dysfunction? The trouble with getting a straight answer to this question is that neither alcohol or sex are topics that get a lot of straight answers. Both topics are encumbered with political, moralistic and religious interference that makes pure research hard to conduct, […]

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Celery And Erectile Dysfunction


This is a guest post about celery and erectile dysfunction written by David Janes. Inside you’ll learn how this stalky vegetable…. Boosts nitric oxide Elevates sex drive Reduces platelet aggregation Increases testosterone production And even makes you smell better to women Now here’s David….

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