Get Your Morning Wood Back, Naturally

Foods To Fight ED


Foods That Enhance Erections, Naturally When using foods to fight ED your primary goal should be to add items into your diet that increase Nitric Oxide (NO). Why? Because NO relaxes the blood vessels leading into your penis, and it’s this relaxation that allows your vessels to vasodialate, open up and expand. When everything is working right

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Vitamins For ED


Vitamin K2 And Erectile Dysfunction Before you start taking vitamins for ED, you need to decide why you need them in the first place… Because a man suffering from erectile dysfunction due to low hormone status is going to need an entirely different set of supplements than a man with a blood flow problem.

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Kegel Exercises for Men


Beat Erectile Dysfunction Naturally Research published in the Journal of the British Association of Urological Surgeons proved that Kegel exercises for men can help restore erectile function in individuals suffering with ED. In 2005 British scientists took several men and split them into two groups. Group one exercised, stopped smoking, ate a healthier diet and lost […]

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Erection Supplements


7 Herbs That Fire Up Hard Wood!  If you start cycling erection supplements the right way, you’re going to change your situation quickly. And what I men by this is, if your sex drive is down and your erections are faltering, these herbs can transform your life, almost overnight. Assuming – and this is a very important […]

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Good Morning Wood!

Erectile Dysfunction & REM Sleep Good morning wood is something you want to see every single day when you wake up. And if you’re not seeing this wood three to five times Every Night, starting around 2 am and running all the way until daybreak, you need to fix the situation. Because morning wood is […]

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Resistant Starch and Erectile Dysfunction

How to Get Your Morning Wood Back I’ve been testing this resistant starch and erectile dysfunction protocol for the last two months and have seen some surprising benefits… Including better sleep, reduced appetite, fewer nighttime trips to the bathroom, lower fasting glucose levels, reduced stomach bloat and harder and more frequent nocturnal erections. Hell ya!

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