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Ginkgo Biloba For Erections


(Written by frequent site contributor, David Jaynes) I’ve talked before how you can use Ginkgo Biloba for erections due to its ability to act as a natural inhibitor of PDE5. But since then, there have been lots of questions around ginkgo (also spelled gingko), specifically, how it can be used as a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction. […]

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Horny Goat Weed For Erections


Can you use horny goat weed for erections? You sure can, and this post by David Jaynes has plenty of evidence to prove it. Read on for all the details… Of all the various natural cures for erectile dysfunction, the one that gets the most attention is the aptly named horny goat weed. Like so many […]

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Propecia, finasteride and erectile dysfunction

This article on propecia, finasteride and erectile dysfunction was written by the author of  Perfect Hair Health. I asked Rob to write this guest post for three reasons… First, a high percentage of the visitors to this blog are former propecia users who are now suffering crippling erectile dysfunction long after they’ve dropped the drug. Second, […]

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Soy And Erectile Dysfunction


Is there a link between soy and erectile dysfunction? There sure is… Which can partially be explained by the estrogenic isoflavones in soybeans… Which reduce the production of androgens in humans. And if the soy happens to be genetically modified, things get even worse. For example…

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Can Adrenal Fatigue Cause Erectile Dysfunction?


Here’s a question that hits my inbox several times a month…. Can Adrenal Fatigue Cause Erectile Dysfunction? The short is, probably not. Because the latest research has all but proven that adrenal fatigue isn’t really a disease. It’s a cluster of symptoms that involves much more than just the adrenal glands. As a matter of fact, […]

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SSRIs And Erections


Are you wondering if there’s a connection between SSRIs and Erections? The article below written by frequent site contributor, David Jaynes, has your answers. But I’d like to mention a few things before we get into his material… If you’re wondering if SSRIs caused your erection problems, ask yourself these questions: Does your erectile dysfunction […]

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Penile Atrophy Causes


What are the most common penile atrophy causes? This article written by frequent site contributor David Jaynes lays it all out for you. But I need to mention something before I send you over to David… If you go through the list below and none of the 8 items apply to you, take a look […]

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Corpus Cavernosum Enlargement

Is corpus cavernosum enlargement possible? It sure is, and this post by guest author Jason Brick will show you exactly how to get it done. We’ve all gotten those emails about how to quickly make our penises larger by buying this one special pill, or buying this other piece of equipment. If you haven’t, disable […]

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Ashwagandha for Erections


Can you use Ashwagandha for erections? You sure can, and we’ve got plenty of scientific evidence to back that statement up. But before we jump into this material, I want to mention something that didn’t make it into the article below…. Ashwagandha is unique in the fact that it blocks an enzyme that breaks down […]

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Harder Erections Naturally


If you’re looking to get harder erections naturally, I’ve got some good news for you… The vast majority of you are going to be able to fix this thing with no shots, no artificial hormones and no prescription medications. Why? Because all you need to do is execute one simple strategy that’s going to bring […]

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